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How to obtain a work permit in Belgium?

Are you going to expand your team with foreign experts? Or are your clients employees being relocated abroad? Than it’s crucial to understand the options for work permits in Belgium. Outsourced employment arrangements (EOR) frequently impose restrictions on the options for work permits. This blog post will give you a summary of the key factors to keep in mind when asking Parakar to hire workers who require work permits in Belgium. 

Work permits in Belgium

If the employee will work in Belgium, there are three main permits that would be suitable. The Work Permit Type-B, the Single Permit and the EU Blue Card.

Work Permit Type-B

If the employee will work for maximum 90 days, we need to apply for a Work Permit Type-B. It is also issued for some categories of workers, even if they come to work for more than 90 days:  

  • Cross-border workers 
  • Workers who are resident at the hotel 
  • Au pairs

The Single Permit

This is a residence permit granted in connection to employment. With a Single Permit, non-European citizens are allowed to reside in Belgium for work for a period of more than 90 days. Parakar as the future employer will initiate the procedure and submits the application for the Single Permit, which is issued by the Immigration Department and contains both the permission to work and the permission to stay.  

Therefore, the employee does not need to apply for a separate visa. The duration of the processing of the application in the case of a Single Permit for highly skilled employees is 120 days, starting as soon as the fine is deemed admissible.

The EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is actually a special form of the Single Permit for highly skilled employees and is generally considered more advantageous because of the following reasons:

  • The period for obtaining a single permit for an EU Blue Card is 90 days from the date when the application is declared admissible by the competent region, as opposed to the usual 120 days.
  • After 18 months of residence in an EU Member State as holder of an EU Blue Card, the employee concerned can move to another EU Member State to work as a highly qualified employee. He/she has to comply with the conditions imposed by that EU Member State for obtaining an EU Blue Card. If that Member State refuses to admit the employee because this person does not meet the conditions, the Belgian government is obliged to take him back without formalities (provided that the person concerned has not lost the right to return). Even if the Belgian EU Blue Card has expired in the meantime.
  • It is valid for any employer after two years of employment. This means that the employee would not have to apply for a new Single Permit to change employers.

Belgium is divided into the different regions of Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. This affects the regulaions on issuing work permits.

Permit salaries belgium
Overview of the salary thresholds applicable since 1 January 2023 for both categories.

Can we support you with a work permit for Belgium?

Yes, we can! As previously stated, this is a short overview of what you should be aware of when requesting Parakar to employ employees in Belgium who require work permits. When it comes to any unique or challenging cases, we are more than happy to assist or advise you.

We’ve been specializing in providing international employment services and payroll for over 20 years. We are therefore the ideal match for you to manage difficult and complicated processes. We can help you obtain a work permit or visa in IrelandThe NetherlandsGermany, France Spain, the UK, Portugal, Italy, and Poland in addition to Belgium. Through a broad network of partners, we offer our service in numerous other countries. This generally includes all other European countries.

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