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Team Talks: Thriving on complex challenges

Team Talks showcase our staff in action, sharing their projects and experiences.
In any organisation, employees play a crucial role in achieving success. Behind the scenes, our professionals work hard to ensure everything runs smoothly. One of them is Tessa, HR consultant at Team HR Netherlands. Let’s take a peek into Tessa’s profession, discover what her daily tasks are and how she overcomes challenges to help companies succeed abroad.

Tessa’s approach as an International HR Consultant

As an HR consultant, Tessa faces a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. She answers numerous questions on tax, payroll, immigration and other HR-related matters.

As an international HR consultant, Tessa regularly encounters challenges during her working day. One of them is dealing with immigration requests. In most cases, these requests are standard procedures, but sometimes there are special circumstances or unique requests. She actively thinks and looks for solutions to help the employee. She loves helping companies solve complex HR problems by using her knowledge and liaising with relevant agencies. Every company has unique challenges and Tessa adapts her approach to provide effective solutions.

What I love about my work is that, for example with immigration cases, I do not only help our client, but also the employees and their family.

Adding value to the future of work

Why Tessa enjoys her work at Parakar? She appreciates the autonomy she has in organizing her day and performing her tasks. The job offers a lot of flexibility and freedom. What she likes most is that she can help others and can make a positive impact on people. At Parakar, we really work as a team. Not only within our local HR departments, but all over the organisation. You do not only feel responsible for your own tasks, in our teams we support each other in every way. That’s something Tessa really values in her job.

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