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Do you want to discover how our HR services can help your business thrive in an international market?

Expanding into new markets and managing your workforce internationally presents challenges like language barriers and compliance issues. That’s where our HR services step in. Whether you prefer on demand, subscription, or prepay options, we have the right solution for your business needs.

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Wide range of HR services

Examples of our HR services


Handbook & policies: Whether you need health and safety guidelines, remote working policies, or any other documentation, we can create these from scratch adjusted to your needs or review your existing policies to comply with local legislation.


Advice on local employment law: If you are struggling with a difficult termination, sickness case or similar, we are here to guide you.


HR administration: From onboarding to offboarding and everything in between, let us handle all your HR administration needs.



Immigration services: Are you in the need of an EU blue card? Or a highly skilled migrant visa? With our 20+ years of experience we’ve got you covered!


Practical HR and benefits advice: Our local consultants are trained to give easy to understand advice in both local and English language on any kind of HR topic.


Advice on cultural and language differences: Our consultants are very familiar with country specific nuances and can help you position yourself as an attractive employer in a new market.  Whatever question there is, we’ll find a solution for you!

HR Services

How it works

Our HR service is the extension tailored to your needs. With on-demand, subscription, or prepay options, we offer the right solution for your business needs.

On demand

Would you like a flexible option? Choose our on-demand option and pay only for the support you need.


Do you prefer monthly support? We are always there for you, establishing a long-term relationship.

Prepay options

Do you need us for a certain project? Check out our excellent prepay packages tailored to your needs.

Benefits of HR Services


Risk management and compliance: Navigating European employment laws can be complex and risky. Our experts ensure your HR practices comply with local regulations, mitigating risks and protecting your business from legal issues.


Comprehensive HR solutions: Our services cover every aspect of HR management, from employment contracts and compliance to people management, onboarding, and offboarding. We handle the complexities of HR so you can focus on growing your business.


In-country expertise: With local HR professionals in various European countries, we offer in-depth knowledge of local employment laws, regulations, and best practices. This ensures your business stays compliant and competitive in each market.


Scalable support: Whether you need temporary HR assistance or long-term strategic support, our services are scalable to meet your specific needs. We adapt our solutions to align with your business goals and changing requirements.


Enhanced employee experience: We streamline HR processes to enhance the employee experience, from smooth onboarding to efficient offboarding. Our focus on people management fosters a positive workplace culture and boosts employee retention.

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Discover how Parakar helped WGC overcome their HR challenges in Germany. Read our success story to see how our dedicated team provided seamless HR solutions, making international expansion smooth and efficient. Read how partnering with the right HR service can drive your business success abroad!

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