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Our in-country experts are fluent in the local language and possess a great understanding of the business culture, which enables us to offer optimized solutions for your requirements.

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With many years of experience assisting businesses in expanding, we have the ability to help you achieve your goals and knowledge to assist you in achieving your goals without hassle.

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At Parakar, we offer personalized solutions based on your specific growth ambitions.

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In addition to being one of the most dynamic economies in Southern Europe, Portugal, especially Lisbon, is undergoing a profound transformation that offers opportunities in many sectors. Young people and businesses moved to the sunny Iberian coast, resulting in an explosion of new and innovative businesses within the ancient city walls.

Portugal has a young, talented and affordable workforce. In recent years, Portuguese universities have experienced their highest enrolment numbers and are producing many highly skilled graduates. Portugal’s talent comes at a significantly lower cost than other popular talent hubs.

Hiring and employing talent in Portugal requires having an own recognized entity and knowledge about local employment legislation. This new Portuguese environment can be complex and focusing on it will distract you from daily business and can be a real burden.

Parakar offers the solution of hiring your talent in Portugal as an Employer of Record (EOR), meaning we will manage payroll, taxes, benefits and HR-related tasks compliantly, while you remain the operational employer of your employees. Broaden your business to Portugal today!

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Employer of record services

By using Employer of Record in Portugal (EOR), you can hire talent without having to establish an entity because we will handle all legal necessities and paperwork on your behalf.



Our team ensures the efficient management of taxation in Portugal while minimizing the risk involved.


HR & Payroll full services in Portugal

Enjoy our payroll services including a comprehensive HR package, taking care of all employee management needs.


HR & Payroll on demand services in Portugal

Enjoy our payroll services and/or a comprehensive HR on Demand package, taking care of all employee management needs.


Work permits

Our team of experienced immigration specialists will guide you through the process of obtaining a visa/work permit for your employee, ensuring that all necessary documents are submitted correctly and in time.


Employee benefits

Compliant employee benefits, are always provided and we strive to find the best benefits package tailored to your company values for your employees.


Management of travel and expenses

We facilitate a clean platform for expense processing. Your employees are provided with a user-friendly system for submitting expenses.


Employment law advice

Need legal advice in case of complications between employer and employee? We’re here for you. Our legal experts stay current up-to-date with local laws and regulations, allowing them to provide you with expert advice and guidance in employment regulations.

Employment fact

In Portugal, the Non-Habitual Resident (Residente Não Habitual) tax regime was introduced in order to attract “high-value” talent to Portugal. The NHR regime is available to all new tax residents in Portugal that were not Portuguese residents for the 5 years prior. To be considered “high-value”, the job must be related to activities of scientific, artistic, or technical character.

Learn more about the Portuguese labour conditions here:

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We go the extra mile

We offer comprehensive HR and payroll services that go beyond a local HR department. We aim to reduce the complexity of managing people abroad and ensure that your staff feels at home in Portugal. We do this by providing full compliance in all aspects of payroll and HR administration and are 100% familiar with local labour laws and employment regulations.

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Parakar for Portugal?


Parakar owns a Portuguese entity and is registered as an employer with the Portuguese authorities.


We act up as your Employer of Record to employ and payroll your employees in Portugal.


We offer great management for customized employee benefits.

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