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Whitepaper: Beyond Employer of Record

EPO as the alternative approach to international business expansion

Expanding a business to foreign countries is an exciting opportunity, but it can also be a challenging task, especially when it comes to managing employees in a foreign environment. Compliance with local labour laws and regulations can be a major challenge for businesses expanding globally. Different countries have different laws and regulations related to employment, and it can be difficult to keep up with all of the requirements.

As you might know, Employer of Record services (EOR) is a powerful tool that can help you tackle these hurdles. However, this may not always be the right solution for your needs. In this whitepaper, we would like to address the limitations of EOR and how Employment Process Outsourcing (EPO) could be your solution.

What you’ll learn

  • Why EOR is not always the right solution for you.
  • Learn about the limitations and risks of EOR.
  • The EOR legislation for the countries Parakar provides service.
  • Exploring a different solution to business expansion.
  • The power of having your own local entity in a foreign country.
  • Learn more about the usefulness of a EPO providers like Parakar.

Why look beyond Employer of Record?

When it comes to employing workers abroad and expanding your services, one of the options that often comes to mind is the use of an Employer of Record (EOR) service. EOR services offer a convenient way to navigate the complexities of international employment by taking care of tasks like payroll, taxes, and legal compliance on your behalf. However, it’s important to note that EOR services are not the only solution available, and they do come with certain limitations and considerations.

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