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Our team of in-country experts speak the local language fluently and have a deep understanding of the business culture, enabling us to provide you with the best possible solutions for your expansion needs.

20+ years of experience

With over 20 years of experience in helping companies expand, we have the expertise and knowledge to assist you in achieving your goals with ease.

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Our local presence and knowledge allows us to provide you with customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business expansion.

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Poland is one of the most popular business locations in Europe! With a population of nearly 38 million, Poland has a large domestic consumer market and offers a well-educated and highly skilled talent pool, especially in the fields of economics, science, and IT.

However, hiring talent in Poland can be complex, as owning a legal entity in the country is required, and navigating local employment laws and regulations can be tricky without knowledge of the Polish language and business culture.

Parakar can help you hire talent in Poland through our Employer of Record setup, where we take care of payroll, taxes, benefits, compliance and HR-related tasks while you remain the operational employer of your team. Expanding your business to Poland has never been easier!

Parakar is officially registered and recognized as Temporary Work Agency (In Polish: Ustawa o pracownikach tymczasowych) under Polish law. With this certificate, Parakar is permitted to act as an employment agency and to deploy employees to foreign companies under their direction.

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Employer of record services

By using Employer of Record in Poland (EOR), you can hire talent without having to establish an entity because we will handle all legal necessities and paperwork on your behalf.



Our team ensures the efficient management of taxation in Poland while minimizing the risk involved.


HR & Payroll full services in Poland

Enjoy our payroll services including a comprehensive HR package, taking care of all employee management needs.


HR & Payroll on demand services in Poland

Enjoy our payroll services and/or a comprehensive HR on Demand package, taking care of all employee management needs.


Work permits

Our team of experienced immigration specialists will guide you through the process of obtaining a visa/work permit for your employee, ensuring that all necessary documents are submitted correctly and in time.


Employee benefits

Compliant employee benefits, are always provided and we strive to find the best benefits package tailored to your company values for your employees.


Management of travel and expenses

We facilitate a clean platform for expense processing. Your employees are provided with a user-friendly system for submitting expenses.


Employment law advice

Need legal advice in case of complications between employer and employee? We’re here for you. Our legal experts always stay up-to-date with local laws and regulations, allowing them to provide you with expert advice and guidance in employment regulations.

Employment fact

In Poland, it is mandatory for employees to undergo a medical examination to ensure they are physically fit to perform their duties. Parakar takes charge of administering and scheduling the obligatory preliminary medical examination in collaboration with multiple medical centers spread across the country. With their assistance, employers can easily comply with the legal requirements.

Learn more about the Polish labour conditions here:

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We go the extra mile

We aim to be more than just a local human resources department. We want to make you and your employees in Poland feel taken care of. That’s why we offer an extensive service when it comes to payroll and HR. We want to relieve the burden of having to manage personnel abroad, by doing it for you in a fully compliant way.

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Parakar for Poland?


Parakar owns a Polish entity and is registered as an employer with the Polish authorities


We act up as your Employer of Record to employ and payroll your employees in Poland.


We offer great management for customized employee benefits.

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