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Start recruiting employees in Poland with the comprehensive support of Parakar’s HR expertise. We make entering the Polish labour market smooth and straightforward, guiding you through every aspect – from understanding Poland’s employment laws to drafting legally compliant work contracts, and efficiently navigating the nuances of social security.

When facing challenges like obtaining work permits in Poland, deciphering the Polish tax system, or understanding employee benefits in the country, Parakar is your trusted ally. Our proficiency in ensuring employment compliance and optimizing payroll operations is unmatched. Discover how we streamline the recruitment process in Poland, turning potential obstacles into stepping stones for growth in this dynamic labour market.

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Employee recruitment in Poland

Successful hiring in Poland requires a deep knowledge of its detailed employment regulations. These rules cover everything from fair hiring practices to obtaining necessary work permits. Before hiring, it’s essential for companies to create clear and fair employment contracts that comply with Polish laws on wages and termination procedures.

Parakar stands out as your expert guide in the Polish employment landscape. Our specialization in Polish employment laws helps businesses achieve full legal compliance. Our services encompass contract clarification and adherence to regulations, ensuring your hiring process is on the right track from the start.

Navigating post-recruitment in Poland

After recruitment, businesses in Poland face their own unique challenges. They need to understand and comply with Polish tax laws, manage social security contributions, and keep up with local employment market trends. These elements are vital for running a business that aligns with Polish legal standards.

Parakar specializes in simplifying these intricate responsibilities for businesses. We help in establishing efficient payroll systems and offer guidance on employee benefits, ensuring adherence to Polish employment laws. With our support, businesses can navigate the rigorous Polish job market with confidence, turning complex regulations into avenues for thriving growth.

What to know

Hiring in Poland:
What to know



In Poland, the primary currency for all financial dealings is the Polish Złoty (PLN).



Polish is the main language in the business sphere, but English is also commonly understood and spoken in professional contexts.


Payroll frequency

Typically, employees in Poland are paid their salaries on a monthly basis, aligning with standard practices.


Public holidays

Poland has a number of public holidays each year, including a mix of fixed and movable dates.


Additional salary provisions

While a 13th-month salary isn’t mandatory in Poland, some employers might offer it as a bonus.


Holiday allowance

Holiday allowance, often equivalent to an additional month’s salary, is a common practice and expected by employees.

Polish employment facts

Work-life balance

Poland is known for its strong emphasis on work-life balance. Polish labour laws mandate a maximum of 40 working hours per week, with at least 11 hours of continuous rest in any 24-hour period. Additionally, employees are entitled to a minimum of 20 days of paid vacation annually, which increases with tenure. This focus on work-life balance is attractive to employees who value personal time alongside their professional commitments.

Maternity and Paternity leave

Poland offers generous maternity and paternity leave policies. Maternity leave can last up to 52 weeks, with the first 20 weeks being mandatory post-birth. Fathers are also entitled to paternity leave, which reflects a growing trend across Europe to support family-friendly workplace policies. These leaves are paid, providing financial stability for new parents.

Education and skills

The Polish workforce is highly educated, with a significant proportion of the population holding a university degree. This is a testament to the country’s strong educational system. Additionally, there is a growing emphasis on continuous learning and skill development, supported by various government and private sector initiatives. This makes the Polish workforce adaptable and skilled in various industries.

Employee benefits and social security

Poland offers a comprehensive social security system that includes health insurance, pension schemes, and unemployment benefits. Employers are required to contribute to these social security funds on behalf of their employees, ensuring a safety net for workers. In addition to mandatory benefits, many Polish companies also offer additional perks such as private health care, gym memberships, and professional development opportunities. These benefits make Poland an attractive destination for employees who value security and personal development in their careers.

Learn more about the Polish labour conditions here:

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Parakar owns a Polish  entity and is registered as an employer with the Polish authorities.


We act up as your Employer of Record to employ and payroll your employees in Poland.


We offer great management for customized employee benefits.

Navigating the Polish workforce: Insights from Parakar

Navigating Poland’s job market is a unique challenge, requiring a grasp of the country’s specific employment laws and payroll management intricacies. Parakar stands as a key ally in this realm, making complex procedures more manageable and offering tailored advice to international businesses.

Understanding Polish employment rules and contract essentials

To effectively enter Poland’s job scene, it’s crucial to understand its employment laws. This involves drafting contracts that meet Polish standards and knowing how to correctly end employment relationships in Poland. Without this expertise, companies could face legal difficulties, even though Poland offers a conducive environment for hiring.

Simplifying administrative tasks

Dealing with Poland’s social security system, navigating work permit requirements, and understanding the tax landscape are vital for compliant business operations in Poland. Parakar is instrumental in these areas, helping businesses with the intricacies of Polish work permits and tax obligations for employers.

Streamlining workforce management

Managing a team in Poland is about more than just competitive benefits. It’s about staying in tune with local employment trends, making sure social security contributions are accurate, and maintaining proper payroll systems. Parakar simplifies these aspects, allowing companies to focus on their core mission while ensuring their payroll practices are up to standard.

In a nutshell, thriving in Poland’s job market means having a well-rounded understanding of local employment practices, from contract law to payroll and tax systems. Parakar offers the guidance international employers need to navigate these aspects smoothly, making the most of Poland’s vibrant job market.

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