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Whitepaper – EOR vs. your own entity

Expanding a business to foreign countries is an exciting opportunity, but it can also be a challenging task, especially when it comes to managing employees in a foreign environment. Compliance with local labour laws and regulations can be a major challenge for businesses expanding globally. Different countries have different laws and regulations related to employment, and it can be difficult to keep up with all of the requirements.

As businesses strive for global expansion, EOR services play an instrumental role. However, another option to successfully expand is partnering with entities possessing localized expertise, allowing for a smooth transition from exploration to the establishment of a fully operational entity in international markets.

Ultimately, this whitepaper aims to guide decision-makers through the intricacies of both EOR and setting up your own entity, providing valuable insights and strategies for making informed choices and achieving successful transitions and international growth. The path chosen depends not only on the present needs of your organization but also on a vision that aligns with its future aspirations.

What you will learn

  • Understand the pros and cons of Employer of Record (EOR) and entity ownership.
  • Explore the role of Professional Employment Organizations (PEOs) and EOR services in simplifying international expansion.
  • Examine the benefits and limitations of the EOR model.
  • Delve into the autonomy and potential cost-effectiveness of owning your entity.
  • Identify reasons, steps, challenges, and strategies for a smooth transition from EOR to entity ownership.
  • Explore comprehensive planning strategies for international expansion.

What is the right choice for you?

The goal of this whitepaper is to equip you with valuable insights and strategies for making informed choices that align with your specific business needs and growth trajectories. Whether leveraging Employer of Record (EOR) services or embracing entity ownership, the emphasis is on understanding the nuances and making decisions tailored to individual circumstances.

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