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With Parakar, the extra mile goes a long way

In international partnerships, we strive to deliver high-quality service levels at all times, and in each country we are operating. Our offices are located in city centers of the countries, we are familiar with the business culture and our HR experts speak the local language.


In-country experts

Our local HR experts and offices give us in-depth knowledge of the local employment laws and regulations, making this a valuable asset to our organization.

20+ years of experience

With years experience, we are front-runners in knowledge and expertise in the industry.

Compliant and transparent

We prioritize compliance and transparency in all our actions and operations.

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Trusted partnerships

At Parakar, we are proud to be the preferred local partner for outsourced HR implementation for quite a number of globally focused service providers. We cherish our often long-lasting relationships with these large and small global partners. They all have their individual vision, business strategy and philosophy. Some offer global PEO/EOR solutions to the world. Some are ‘value adding’ global recruiters. Some focus on other aspects of global expansion. Some do all of that.

Our partners are important to us. We meet regularly on strategic and operational level, so we are aligned and keep our collaboration futureproof.

But in the end, they have chosen to partner with Parakar for the in-country implementation of the employment relationships that they help their clients establish. Several of these partners even trust us with the employment of their own internal staff!

Trusted by our partners

What they say

“The entire employee lifecycle is handled with precision. Their extensive knowledge of regulations, invoicing, and related matters gained our trust in their capabilities. Even when we did not sign the services agreement yet, they treated us as a valued client.”

Daniel Juchli Managing Director at wega

Their expertise gave us confidence; we were assured that even in a complex situation, Parakar would meet the challenge with effectiveness and competence. Moreover, we got the feeling that Parakar would be by our side in case of unforeseen obstacles, with an unwavering commitment to our success.

Daniel Juchli Managing Director at wega

“Parakar distinguished themselves through their years of experience in the sector. Their exceptional quality of advice, combined with their customer experience, set Parakar apart from the competition. It was clear that Parakar’s local expertise and commitment to delivering timely solutions were exactly what we needed to effectively navigate our complex situation.”

Daniel Juchli Managing Director at wega

“Parakar’s onboarding procedure is very professional. A real asset.”

Bert Kraaijeveld

“Parakar took care of all my worries. They are proactive.”

Hans-Frits Verkerk

“Parakar get things done. They are always on time and efficient.”

Scott Leer

“Parakar has the local knowledge.”

Andrew Webster

“Parakar are licensed with important NEN certificates, showing their involvement in taking care of our employees.”

Sonia Le Bled

“Parakar provided an easy, fast solution to my question and are always ready to help.”

Zane Altman

“Parakar make it look easy. Their way of communicating is friendly and professional.”

André Horn
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Your reliable partner

We are acquainted with all possible forms of implementing outsourced employment:

  • Employer of Record services
  • Outsourced employment management
  • HR-consulting and -management
  • Global payroll services
  • Work permit processes
  • Entity setup services
  • Relocation services
  • Health insurance
  • Umbrella services

Benefits of partnering up with Parakar

Parakar has a certified sponsorship status with the respective authorities in most countries we cover in Europe. Which provides us access to the fast-track services for obtaining work permits. We have successfully managed hundreds of work visa cases for employees from all over the globe. Smoothly and quickly.

Besides that, Parakar works under the Portage license in France, so we provide our EOR services in the most compliant and risk avoiding way to our partners and their clients.

Trusted by our partners

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Your In-Country Partner

Is your organization active on the human talent side of Global Expansion, or are you a PEO/EOR organization yourself, and are you looking for a reliable and independent in-country service partner in Europe?

Parakar can be your preferred local partner for outsourced HR implementation. With a certified sponsorship status in most European countries, we have successfully managed hundreds of work visa cases and prioritize compliance, transparency and minimize risks for our partners and clients. Communication is key, regular strategic and operational meetings are scheduled to maintain alignment and futureproof collaboration in our partnership.

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For our talent, being able to be globally mobile and to work for any employer from anywhere around the globe is key.

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Office Germany +49 3222 109 47 14
Office Ireland +353 15 137 854
Office Belgium +32 2 592 0540
Office France +33 18 48 89 879
Office Spain +34 932 201 410
Office UK +44 2036 0862 58
Office Italy +39 0282 944 661
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