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Mandatory Health Checks in Poland: What Employers Need to Know

In Poland, mandatory health checks are obligated. This blog gives a clear picture of health checks in Poland, explain who is responsible for carrying them out, and highlight their importance for both employees and employers. Complying with these regulations not only ensures compliance with the law, but also promotes a safe and productive workplace environment.

Employers are required by law to ensure that their employees undergo a preliminary medical check to confirm the employee is to perform his work. This regulation is published to maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

Understanding health checks in Poland

The importance of health checks

Health checks in Poland serve a dual purpose:

1. Preventing work-related health problems: By conducting regular health tests, employers can identify and address potential health problems before they escalate. This not only benefits the individual employee, but also contributes to a safer and more productive working environment.

2. Comply with legal requirements: Polish labour legislation requires certain sectors, especially those with potential health risks, to carry out regular health checks on their employees. Compliance with these requirements is not only a legal obligation, but also demonstrates an employer’s commitment to the well-being of its employees. The doctor decides when an employee should do the next medical check. On each certificate is an expiry date and shows when the health check should be renewed.

Who can perform health checks?

In Poland, employee health checks are usually carried out by Occupational Medicine Services (OMS). These services play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being and safety of workers in various industries.

OMS is responsible for conducting health assessments, which may include a range of examinations and tests, depending on the nature of the work and potential health risks.

These assessments are designed to assess a person’s health and suitability for a particular job, as well as to identify possible health problems that may affect the safe performance of tasks.

Key aspects of health checks

Frequency of health checks in Poland

The frequency of health checks in Poland depends on several factors, including the industry, the nature of the work, and the individual’s health condition. Some high-risk professions may require more frequent assessments, while others may be conducted annually or once in two, three, or five years. When the employee is sick for more than 30 days (continuously) the employer is obliged to send the employee for a medical check-up.

Confidentiality and consent

It’s crucial to note that all health-related information obtained during these checks is confidential. Employers are not entitled to specific medical details, but rather an assessment of whether an employee is fit for their designated role.

Health Checks in Poland are a crucial component when you employ talent in Poland. They not only help in preventing work-related health issues but also ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

Incorporating regular health checks into your company’s policies not only safeguards your workforce but also strengthens your position as a compliant, responsible, and caring employer.

Staying informed about the latest regulations and seeking professional guidance can help you understand and navigate the intricacies of labour law in Poland. Any questions about the regulations in Poland? Don’t hesitate to reach out to local HR experts.

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