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Additional birth leave in the Netherlands as per 1 July 2020

The Dutch government considers equal treatment of men and women on the labour market important. In 2019, the Cabinet expanded the birth leave scheme for partners from two days to a maximum of 5 days, depending on a regular number of working hours a week. As per July 1st, 2020, supplementary birth leave has been added.

Up to 5 weeks of additional birth leave

From now on, an employee can, after the first week of birth leave, take up to 5 times the weekly working hours as additional birth leave. Which means that in total, the partner can now be entitled to a maximum of six weeks of birth leave.
The five original days of birth leave should be taken within the first 4 weeks after birth and the additional five weeks have to be taken in the first 6 months after birth. The weeks off can be spread over these six months and do not have to be taken consecutively. However, in the contrary to the first week of birth leave, additional birth leave spreading can be refused by the employer for compelling reasons.

Right to benefit for additional leave

During the period of the additional birth leave, the employee will receive no salary but is entitled to a benefit of 70% of the daily wage, up to 70% of the maximum daily wage. This is paid by UWV, the Employee Insurance Agency. As of 1 July 2019, the maximum daily wage is calculated on a €4,717.58 gross per month, including holiday allowance.

36.000 leave benefits in 2020

The government expects that the expenditure for additional birth leave in 2020 will be more than € 60 million. In the coming years, this amount will increase with € 100 million. This is because the new regulation will start mid 2020 and employers will probably request payment for part of the leave afterwards. These amounts are therefore covered by the expenditure of 2021.
In 2020, 36,000 employees are expected to take additional birth leave and in 2021 95,000 employees. 

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