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Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa 

Are you a remote worker or a company looking to expand your operations in Europe? Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa gives an exciting opportunity for non-EU nationals to live and work in this vibrant country for up to five years. With its low cost of living, excellent internet infrastructure, and rich culture, Spain has always been a preferred destination for digital nomads and remote workers. Now, it’s easier than ever to establish your base in Spain and take advantage of its many perks.

This visa not only benefits freelancers looking to work in Spain but also offers an excellent solution for companies that wish to extend their operations in Europe by sending their employees to work from Spain.

The Digital Nomad Visa was introduced under Law 28/2022 as part of the Entrepreneur Law. It caters to non-EU nationals seeking remote work opportunities with companies located outside of Spain.

Aside from bringing residency and freedom of movement around the whole Schengen area, the Digital Nomad Visa also brings along tax benefits, making it even more appealing. Visa holders can take advantage of a special tax regime and pay non-resident income tax rates (IRNR) instead of the higher resident income tax rates (IRPF). This means enjoying a significantly reduced tax rate of just 24%, thanks to the renowned Beckham law.

Who is eligible to apply?

The digital nomad visa is open to qualified professionals who meet the following criteria:

1. Engaged in remote work: Applicants must be working remotely online, using exclusively computer telematics and telecommunication media and systems, for a company located outside the EU/EEA. They can also perform up to 20% of their professional activity for a Spanish-based company.

2. Employment duration: Applicants should have been working for the company for at least three months before applying, and the work contract should be for at least one year.

3. Work experience or education: Applicants should demonstrate three years of work-related experience or have graduated from a reputable university or business/training school.

Let Parakar Guide You Through the Process

The process of obtaining a digital nomad visa can be complex, especially for foreign companies unfamiliar with Spanish regulations. At Parakar, our team of local HR experts specializes in visa and immigration services, ensuring a smooth application process for both your company and its employees. We provide comprehensive guidance, assisting with documentation and legal requirements, making the transition to remote work in Spain smooth and hassle-free.

Take the next step and expand your operations in Spain with Parakar as your partner! Contact us now to get started.

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