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Internship Insights: life of an intern

Sven began his internship at Parakar in January as part of his bachelor European Studies. After a few years of studying, including a semester abroad in England, Sven joined the Sales & Marketing team. Here he supported our International Content Marketeer and the Performance Marketeer. As the internship comes to an end we like to look back on Sven’s period at Parakar and give an insight on his days at Parakar.

Day to Day

Working at the Sales & Marketing department, Sven mainly focused on the boosting the online presence of Parakar. His primary responsibilities include translating our Parakar website into three languages (Dutch, German, and Spanish) and improving the SEO. During these 5 months, he was responsible for the social media content as well as the creations of blogs and newsletters. Furthermore, developed his creativity by creating various document (such as our relevant workings) as well as other visuals.

These tasks gave him knowledge of SEO & SEA as well as experience with different marketing tools.

“Where before I never considered myself all that creative, I feel like Parakar brought out that side of me more, and I definitely enjoyed it.”

Diversity is Key

At Parakar, we’re proud of our diverse team and this is also something Sven thought was important when finding an internship.

“I really liked the international aspect of the internship and the fact that it aligned so well with my bachelor. I’ve been studying in an international environment for years now and it continues to enrich my experiences both personally as well as professionally.”

As we look back on Sven’s professional achievements we wanted to know what stuck with him the most and what he will take with him from this internship.

“A highlight of my internship was definitely an event at the British Embassy in the Hague. Parakar was invited as they had won a FD Gazelle (prize for fastest growing companies in the Netherlands). Together with a colleague I attended some presentations and a networking event afterwards, which was definitely a great experience.”

One of the team

When it came to challenges Sven told us that there weren’t very notable ones. He felt included in all of the work, both internally as well as with partners.

“At Parakar people are really open and always eager to help. Whenever I had a question there was always a quick response from someone in the office or from one of the teams abroad.”

As Sven moves on to complete his studies and write his thesis, we wish him all the best for the future.

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