Fraud Blocker Parakar amongst Top 250 growth companies in the Netherlands

Proud to be among the Top 250 growth companies in the Netherlands 2023!

We are part of the Top 250 growth companies in the Netherlands in 2023. The Top 250 growth companies of 2023 are companies that have experienced impressive growth over the past three years, with an annual increase of more than 20% in full-time employment (FTEs). This means that we are not only fast-growing but also innovative and forward-thinking. It’s an acknowledgment that we are particularly proud of!

Last week our Co-CEO, Pleun Opperman, was present at the ceremony event of NL Groeit. A great opportunity to come together and network with 249 other driven entrepreneurs who share the same ambition: to grow and innovate.

The event revolved around #TimeToChange, a call for change and innovation. We believe that in both times of success and uncertainty, flexibility and the right partners are crucial for success. This is a vision that we embrace daily in our operations to facilitate international growth for companies in Europe.

Our Co-CEO, Pleun Opperman, expressed her enthusiasm: “Proud of the recognition and grateful to be surrounded by all other successful entrepreneurs. I am looking forward to continue to share our experience and inspire each other. International growth doesn’t have to be so complicated, as long as you have the right partner by your side.”

Our Commitment to International Growth

We are committed to bridging borders and enabling success for businesses in Europe. We understand that the path to international expansion can be challenging, but we also believe that with the right partners and the right mindset, the path to growth becomes clear and approachable.

The recognition as one of the Top 250 Growth Companies in the Netherlands in 2023 is a milestone that we look back on with pride. But it is also a motivation to keep looking forward, to keep innovating, and to collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs to shape the future of our company and the international employment landscape.

We are grateful for this honour and we are excited for what the future holds. Together, we move forward, always with an eye on growth and innovation!

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