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What are the legislative changes for 2024 in Belgium?

At the start of every year, there will be changes to laws and regulations. As your local knowledge partner, we love to share with you a list of the most significant changes to the Belgian employment law, so that you don’t have to.

New minimum salary thresholds for a work permit in Belgium

  • Highly-skilled employees
    • Brussels region: EUR 50.310
    • Flemish region: EUR 46.632 *
    • Walloon region: EUR 50.310
  • EU Blue Card
    • Brussels region: EUR 65.053
    • Flemish region: EUR 55.958
    • Walloon region: EUR 65.053

* In the Flemish Region, for all employees under 30 years of age and having a local Belgian contract, the amount is EUR 37.305,60. The higher amount is required as soon as the employee turns 30 years.

  • Meal vouchers per 2024: EUR 8,00 per worked day, EUR 6,91 employer costs and EUR 1,09 employee costs.
  • Automatic salary indexation in January: 1,48% per 1-1-2024, agreed upon for joint committee 200.
  • Eco-vouchers: EUR 250,00 per year, payable in June (pro-rata) for employees
  • Internet allowance: EUR 20,00 per month
  • Double holiday pay: 0,92% of 1 month, payable in June (pro-rata)
  • Annual premium: EUR 312,50 in 2024, payable in June (pro-rata, this amount is based on a full-time employee)
  • End-of-year premium: 13th month, payable in December (6 months seniority required)

There have been no changes in the employer’s social contributions. Employees are, as in 2023, liable for 13,07% social contributions on their salary.


The current document reflects ongoing efforts to incorporate recent legislative changes, yet it should be noted that not all amendments have received full approval from the authorities at this time.

The legal framework is subject to further adjustments, and additional modifications are anticipated in the coming weeks. As the approval process continues, this document will be regularly updated to ensure accuracy and compliance with the latest legal developments.

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