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What are the legislative changes for 2024 in France?

At the start of every year, there will be changes to laws and regulations. As your local knowledge partner, we love to share with you a list of the most significant changes to the French employment law, so that you don’t have to.

Changes in 2024

  • Minimum Wage (SMIC) increased by 1.13% to €11.65 gross per hour.
  • Guaranteed minimum of €4.15 per meal as of January 1, 2024.
  • The Social Security Ceiling increases by 5.4% to €3,864 per month.
  • Employer contribution to old-age insurance from 1.90% to 2.02%.
  • Paris public transportation Tax: a 0.25% increase in the mobility contribution rate in Paris and certain departments.
  • “Pôle Emploi” is now called “France Travail.” The new name will gradually appear on all documents.
  • New requirement when offering a permanent contract (CDI) at the end of a fixed-term contract (CDD) or temporary contract. The employer must notify the CDI proposal to the employee before the end of the initial contract and allow a reasonable decision time; the employer is also required to notify France Travail of each refusal of a CDI proposal within one month. The objective is the elimination of unemployment benefits in case of repeated CDI refusals by the employee.
  • The maximum amount of tax-exempt gift vouchers for employees (5% of PMSS ceiling) will increase from €183 to €193 per event and per employee.
  • The maximum amount of tax-exempt meal voucher employer contribution increases to €7.18 per voucher.


The current document reflects ongoing efforts to incorporate recent legislative changes, yet it should be noted that not all amendments have received full approval from the authorities at this time.

The legal framework is subject to further adjustments, and additional modifications are anticipated in the coming weeks. As the approval process continues, this document will be regularly updated to ensure accuracy and compliance with the latest legal developments.

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