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Germany’s New Law – The Skilled Immigration Act

Positive Changes for Employers and Employees

Germany has recently passed a new immigration law, the Skilled Immigration Act, that brings about significant positive changes for both employees and employers. This legislation aims to make it easier for highly qualified workers from non-EU countries to find employment opportunities in Germany. One of the key aspects of this law is the revamp of the EU Blue Card system, which opens up new possibilities for skilled professionals in various sectors.

What’s in it for you? Here are the noteworthy updates regarding the Blue Card:

  1. Shorter Duration of Employment Contract
    Under the new law, a valid employment contract or a binding six-month job offer will be sufficient to qualify for the Blue Card. Previously, an employment contract of at least 12 months was required. This change provides more flexibility for both employees and employers, facilitating smoother transitions and enabling professionals to seize opportunities sooner.
  2. Lower Salary Threshold
    The minimum salary requirement for Blue Card applicants will be lowered. Instead of the previous threshold of €58,400 annual gross salary, the new law sets it between 1 and 1.6 times the average gross annual salary. This adjustment makes the Blue Card accessible to a broader range of talented individuals, enhancing Germany’s attractiveness as a destination for highly skilled professionals.
  3. Simplified Relocation within the EU
    After 12 months, Blue Card holders will be allowed to move from the country that initially granted them the Blue Card to another EU country. This provision facilitates easier mobility and offers greater flexibility for professionals who may wish to continue their careers within the European Union.
  4. Faster Family Reunification
    The new law aims to accelerate the family reunification process for Blue Card holders. Family members of Blue Card holders will have improved access to the labour market, making it easier for families to settle and integrate in Germany. This change recognizes the importance of family unity and support in attracting and retaining highly skilled professionals.
  5. Proof of Professional Qualifications
    The law introduces a more inclusive approach to recognizing professional qualifications. Previously, educational qualifications were the primary criteria. However, under the new regulations, certain types of professional qualifications, particularly in fields like IT and communication technology, can be proven not only through educational credentials but also through relevant professional experience. This change acknowledges the value of practical expertise and opens doors for professionals with non-traditional educational backgrounds.
  6. Blue Card for Persons with International Protection Status
    The new immigration law expands the eligibility criteria for the Blue Card to include individuals with international protection status, such as refugees. These individuals will now have the opportunity to apply for a Blue Card in a state other than the one where they initially sought protection. This change reflects Germany’s commitment to providing opportunities for integration and harnessing the potential of talented individuals regardless of their backgrounds.

Germany’s new immigration law signifies a positive step towards attracting and retaining highly skilled professionals from around the world. The revamped Blue Card system opens up new horizons for both employees and employers.

If you’re recruiting and interested in hiring or relocating your talent to Germany, feel free to get in touch with us. We’re here to support and guide you in the journey to seize the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. We are your local employment guide!

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