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No more adminstrative burden for you. That’s our goal.
Parakar will go the extra mile so you can continue driving business as you are used to,
with the right person on the right spot. 

The Parakar Group is an employment services organisation offering a wide spectrum of services in the domain of globally outsourced HR- and payroll management.

Regardless of how you qualify your requirement (Employer of Record Service, Umbrella Work permit- or Payroll Service, Professional Employment Outsourcing, or one of its many but only slightly dissimilar concepts):

Our focus is on providing solutions to organisations and individuals to compliantly engage in working relationships that not only cross geographical borders and cultures, but also help bridge statutory and employment-legal contexts.

Our services cover the areas of outsourced employment management, HR-consulting and -management, payroll- and expenses-accounting, work permit process management, relocation services, and many, many more related subjects.

Our clients typically want to expand their business to Europe by employing the right people in the country of destination (or sending them there), while being based on all continents. For these clients we provide umbrella employment services, making sure that their employees can comfortably and care-free can carry out their work in the designated countries.

Often, once our clients established a successful business, we help them take the next steps in their business expansion by setting up and managing their own entities on their behalf.

The Parakar Group was founded in The Netherlands around the turn of the millennium by Johan Opperman, having had a preceding career at various companies in north-west Europe. It has since rapidly expanded into its present form.

In nowadays’ global economy, there is a huge and growing need for organisations to avail themselves of talent around the globe, regardless of geographic or legal boundaries. For the talent itself, being able to be globally mobile and to work for any employer from anywhere around the globe, is key. 

At Parakar, we aim to be the preferred facilitator of such associations, allowing those organisations ánd their talent to reliably, compliantly and efficiently be associated with each other, making those geographic and legal boundaries virtually disappear. 

Johan Opperman, Owner & Managing Director Parakar Group

Our values.

  • Creative, consistent, compliance
  • Teamwork makes the team work!
  • We aim to be part of the solution
  • Diversity is key
  • It's not fun if we can't have fun
Parakar values
Parakar team

Meet our team.

Our fast growing team currently consists of 10 enthusiasic young professionals located in our offices in Cologne and Breda. 

Our specialists on HR and payroll, Finance, Sales and Marketing bring a lot of knowledge and expertise in their fields of business. Under the guidance of Johan, we all form a great team for our business now and for growth in the future!


Are you looking for a great place to work in an international environment? And are you interested in joining the vibrant Parakar team? 
We’re always happy to welcome an enthusiastic professional! 

Check out our open positions or send in your application via the contact form below. 

Parakar people

You're Welcome, We're Parakar.

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Netherlands office

Ceresstraat 13
4811 CA Breda (NL)

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German office

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50670 Cologne (DE)

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Irish office

Block 4, Harcourt Centre
Harcourt Road, Dublin 2 (IE)

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