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Parakar Team Talks: Turning ideas into Impact

Welcome to another edition of Parakar Team Talks, where we dive into the stories and experiences of our exceptional team members. In this edition, we shine the spotlight on Catriona, a dedicated member of our Parakar family with a diverse background and an inspiring journey within the company.

Catriona’s journey

Originally aspiring to pursue a career in education, Catriona’s exposure to human resources during her studies, combined with familial influence, directed her towards the domain of international HR operations. Catriona’s varied experiences equipped her with the skills and knowledge essential for her current role as a Process Improvement Engineer.

A typical day for Catriona at Parakar is dynamic. As a Process Improvement Engineer, her multifaceted role requires navigating through various tasks and activities. Challenges arise due to the interconnectedness of all departments, but the supportive atmosphere within Parakar transforms these challenges into opportunities for collaboration and learning.

The vibrant team dynamic at Parakar

Catriona describes the team dynamic within Parakar as embodying the company value, “It’s no fun if we can’t have fun!” She underscores the personal and professional connections formed with colleagues, creating an environment where collaboration is both enjoyable and rewarding.

Catriona likes the brainstorming sessions and collaborative discussion. Witnessing ideas evolve and contribute to the final product is a source of excitement of her work. She shares a memorable experience of how teamwork at Parakar transforms basic ideas into impactful solutions!

A harmonious blend of scale-up dynamics and family values

In Catriona’s perspective, Parakar’s company culture stands out due to its unique blend of being a scale-up and a family-run company. The scale-up environment provides ample opportunities for growth and learning, while the familial atmosphere ensures that each employee is cared for and supported in reaching their full potential.

The emphasis on growth is mirrored in Parakar’s culture, making it distinctive in its commitment to employee development. Catriona notes that the caring approach towards employees sets Parakar apart from other organizations.

Advice for you

Reflecting on her two years at Parakar, Catriona takes pride in her involvement with the French HR Operation team, Tech team and the Sales team. Working outside her comfort zone has contributed significantly to her professional growth, providing a broader perspective and enhancing her skill set.

For individuals aspiring to work in a similar field, Catriona encourages them to embrace challenges, seek opportunities for growth, and be open to working outside their comfort zones. Building strong connections with colleagues and fostering a collaborative mindset are key to success in the dynamic field of international HR operations!

Catriona’s journey at Parakar is a testament to the company’s commitment to fostering a supportive and growth-oriented environment. Stay tuned for more insightful Team Talks, where we continue to unravel the stories of our exceptional team members at Parakar.

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