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Parakar Team Talks: Spotlight on Sales

Welcome back to Parakar Team Talks, where we take a closer look at the stories and experiences of our team members. Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Steyn, one of our sales consultants. Steyn brings a unique perspective to the table, blending his background in the hotel industry with his passion for delivering exceptional service. Let’s dive into his journey at Parakar.

How it started
Steyn’s journey to Parakar began with a referral from a familiar face, Esmee, our HR Business Partner. Having previously worked with Esmee during an internship at a hotel in Rotterdam, Steyn was intrigued by the opportunity to transition into the sales field. While initially hesitant due to past experiences with aggressive sales tactics, Steyn was drawn to Parakar’s international focus and consultative approach, which aligned perfectly with his service-oriented mindset.

Parakar’s company culture sets it apart as a unique place to work for sales professionals like Steyn. With a shared commitment to prioritizing quality over quantity, the emphasis lies on providing exceptional service to clients. This customer-centric approach fosters a supportive and collaborative environment where every team member is encouraged to deliver the best service.

Key Responsibilities and Challenges
As a sales consultant at Parakar, Steyn’s primary responsibility is to serve as the initial point of contact for clients seeking assistance with international expansion, HR consultancy, and payroll services. However, navigating diverse legislation and ensuring compliance across different regions makes it challenging along the way. Each day brings new hurdles to overcome, but Steyn thrives on finding tailored solutions for all clients.

Proud Moments
Looking back on his career at Parakar, Steyn names a proud experience where quick action and teamwork led to a successful solution for a client with immigration issues. Joint efforts allowed them to speed up the process, ultimately reuniting an employee with her family – a testament to Parakar’s commitment to making a meaningful impact.

In a constantly changing market, staying motivated can be a challenge. For Steyn, the rewarding nature of their work, combined with the opportunity to add value and make a difference in clients’ lives, is a consistent source of inspiration.

A Day in the Life
Daily, Steyn uses important skills such as organization skills, communication and cultural awareness. By actively listening to clients’ needs, he can tailor solutions that effectively address their unique challenges.

A typical day for Steyn starts with a morning briefing, prioritizing and addressing urgent client needs. From making client calls to liaising with internal teams, each day is varied and offers a mix of challenges and opportunities to make a difference. Professionally, he has grown in his role as a consultant and gained confidence in handling complex scenarios.

Looking ahead, Steyn sees immense potential for Parakar to continue thriving in an ever-changing market. With a focus on delivering tailored solutions and investing in ongoing development, Parakar is all set to remain a leader in the industry.

Tips from Steyn
For those considering joining Parakar, Steyn emphasizes the company’s supportive culture, commitment to employee development, and exciting growth opportunities. With a passionate team and a dedication to excellence, Parakar offers a fulfilling environment where individuals can truly make a difference.

Steyn’s journey at Parakar is an example of Parakar’s culture! Join us next time for more inspiring stories from the Parakar team!

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