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Sick Leave and Sick Pay in Ireland

In today’s dynamic business landscape, it is of utmost importance that organisations operating in different countries comply with local labour laws. As your partner in navigating the full employee lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding, including immigration, visa processes, employee benefits and local contracts, we understand how important it is to stay abreast of local regulations. In this article, we guide you through the key aspects of sick leave and sick pay in Ireland.

Sick Leave Entitlement

Ireland’s employment landscape has evolved with the ‘Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2018’, offering clear guidelines on sick leave entitlement. Sick pay is paid by the employer at 70% of your normal pay up to a maximum of €110 a day. You must be an employee and be working at least 13 weeks with your employer before you can get statutory sick pay. Your employer can have a more generous sick pay scheme, but they can’t give you less than the statutory amount.

To qualify for statutory sick pay you must:

  • Be an employee
  • Have worked for your employer for at least 13 continuous weeks before you are sick
  • Be certified by a GP as unable to work

You can get sick pay if you are:

  • On probation
  • Undergoing training (interns)
  • An apprentice
  • An agency worker

Notification and Certification

Compliance with notification and certification requirements is crucial when dealing with sick leave in Ireland. In the event of an employee’s absence due to illness, they must promptly inform their employer (As above they need a GP cert from day 1 to receive the sick pay). This proactive approach prevents misuse of the system and ensures transparency.

Sick Pay Scheme

As part of Ireland’s commitment to employee well-being, the Sick Pay Scheme provides financial relief to employees unable to work due to illness. Prior to the scheme’s introduction, sick pay practices were at the discretion of employers. Under the current scheme, eligible employees can receive up to €110 per day. This provides individuals with up to €5,500 in sick pay annually. The Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) is the legal minimum sick pay.

The entitlement to paid sick leave is being phased in over 4 years:

  • 2023 – 3 days covered
  • 2024 – 5 days covered
  • 2025 – 7 days covered
  • 2026 – 10 days covered

Sick days can be taken as consecutive days or non-consecutive days.

The sick pay year is the calendar year, so it runs from 1 January to 31 December.

As your trusted partner in managing the complete employee lifecycle in Europe, we understand the significance of adhering to local regulations. Ireland’s comprehensive sick leave and sick pay policies reflect the nation’s commitment to employee well-being. By staying informed about these regulations, businesses can ensure compliance and provide the necessary support to their employees during challenging times.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding sick leave and sick pay regulations in Ireland, or if you have any questions about this, reach out to our expert team. Your dedication to your employees’ welfare strengthens your organization’s reputation as a responsible and caring employer in the European business landscape. We are your local employment guide!

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