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Payslip in the UK: How does it work?

The payslip is an individual payroll extract containing information about the components of the employee’s monthly pay. Many companies use it to show how they calculate pay and to facilitate communication between employees and the human resources department. Thanks to this, the employer does not have to answer questions about pay each time, and employees can quickly and transparently check how their remuneration was calculated. This is especially useful in cases where calculating your monthly salary is quite complicated. This happens, among others, when there are obligatory or optional allowances added to the basic salary. In this blog we’ll go over the UK payslip.

Reading a payslip in the UK is relatively simple.

The basic items are usually the salary, the income tax (PAYE), the social security contribution (NI) and the pension. There can be further elements and benefits, for example, allowances or health insurance, which are granted by the employer at their discretion.

The elements of the employee’s remuneration are indicated in the first and second columns, while the third column contains a summary of the salary received and taxes paid in the tax year, which runs from April to April, and the National Insurance Number (NIN).

The first column states the salary and other allowances; the second the PAYE, NI and pension (both employee’s and employer’s) and, if granted, the medical insurance.

The tax code, at the bottom, is assigned by the tax authority, HMRC, and identifies the exempt threshold, the dependants, and other particular characteristics of the employee which will affect their taxation.

UK payslips usually do not show employee details, other than the name, and do not report annual leave, therefore the document looks easy to read.

Below is an example of an UK payslip:

Payslip in the uk: how does it work? - parakar
Payslip in the uk: how does it work? 2

Parakar as your international partner

Understanding the intricacies of a UK payslip is crucial for both employers and employees to ensure transparency and compliance with local regulations. Each payslip serves as a comprehensive document containing vital information, from company details to remuneration components and tax deductions. At Parakar, we emphasize the importance of clarity and accuracy in payroll management. With us as your trusted partner, rest assured that your payroll management is in expert hands.

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