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Why should you invest in the UK?

The UK offers a business-friendly environment to reliably expand. It has a mature, high-spending consumer market, and offers world-class talent. The language, liberal economy, and lack of red tape help making UK one of the easiest markets to set-up and grow a business.

Advantages of doing business in UK:

  • The UK is top-rated major European economy for attracting global talent and has one of the largest labour forces in Europe, with lower labour costs than other European countries.
  • The UK is leading the race to a net zero carbon economy, with cutting-edge technology and revolutionary research.
  • The UK offers global businesses one of the best and most ambitious ecosystems in the world to grow innovative companies.
  • UK exists of no less than 4 countries to expand to at the same time (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland)

What services do we provide in the UK?

Grow your business in the United Kingdom!

When you want to hire and employ talent in the UK, you are required to own a legal entity in this country. This means that you need to manage the payroll, taxes, benefits, etc., all in a compliant way according to local laws and regulations. Focusing on this completely new environment will distract from you daily business and can be a real burden.

As from the end of 2022, Parakar offers you the solution of hiring your talent in the UK through our Employer Of Record set up. Your talent will be employed by our local entity, meaning you do not have to set up your own entity, and manage the HR and Payroll functions. Compliance will be ensured, given that Parakar has all the knowledge about the UK laws and regulations. Of course, you will remain the operational employer of your team, while we will take care of all the employment and HR-related tasks.

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Local HR experts.

Do you want to pay your employees in the UK or do you want to set up your business here? British legislation can be tough if you are not fully aware of the country’s legislation. Save yourself time and money and let our local experts help you out. Our UK team consists of native-speaking experts who are fully known in the local market. We’ll take care of you and your employees in the UK with 100% compliance.

The services we offer in the UK

Legal and accounting affairs; Parakar will advise you on all fronts regarding legal and accounting affairs. This is all according to local laws and regulations so you will always do business the compliant way. Parakar also compliantly takes care of the employer-paid insurance.

Payrolling; Parakar offers payroll solutions in the UK to coordinate your payroll operations for outsourced employees. We understand that it is challenging to completely manage employees abroad. That’s why we take care of compliantly paying your employees, while you’re able to focus on managing your company abroad.

Employment hosting: At Parakar we’re known with all possible options of global employment services. We strive to outsource your client’s employees in UK to your requirements in full compliance with the local law.

More services to provide you with in the near future:

Immigration and work permits; Parakar will obtain a sponsor license at the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). This allows us to sponsor workers on the Worker and Temporary immigration routes.

Entity setup; Parakar can support you in setting up your own legal entity in the UK. Once your entity is officially established, we make sure it’s operationally ready and fully compliant. Subsequently, Parakar could take the burden of managing payroll and all other HR functions for you by handling this for you.


In the UK, an employer legally has to provide an employee with the possibility of contributing to a private pension scheme. Parakar offers that possibility through a local pension provider. 

The key knowledge of employing in the UK

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