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Are you sending your (clients) employees overseas? Many countries require a formal work permit. There’s a risk of taking the wrong type of visa, so how do you make sure to arrange the right one on short notice? Parakar has 25 years of experience in advising our clients and employees on the best work permit-solution to choose. Next to picking the right work visa, we also make sure to implement that solution, depending on the requirements.

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Parakar has a certified sponsorship status with the respective authorities in relevant areas in Europe. Because of that we have access to the fast-track services for obtaining work permits. We have successfully managed hundreds of work visa cases for employees all over the globe. Smooth and quickly.

Work permit for the Netherlands?

Parakar has a lot of experience in successfully managing work permits or work permit solutions in the Netherlands in all its aspects. In 2005 we were the first government recognized sponsor under the very successful Highly Skilled Migrant (Kennismigrant in Dutch) program.

We’re an active partner of the leading ‘Expatcenter’ in various cities and regions. This allows us to get a fast-track approach to all post-arrival registrations.

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We provide you a work visa for Germany.

Where available in Germany, Parakar is registered with the ‘company service’ desks of the immigration departments in the major cities. Read more about the other services in Germany we can provide for you next to work permits.

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