Parakar now offers employment services in France and Spain!

We can say it out loud, Parakar is now fully active in employment services in France and Spain! We have landed in the business hearts of Paris and Barcelona and we’re happy to tell you about the services we provide in these new areas. 

Parakar opens offices in France and Spain

After Germany, the Netherlands, and Ireland, Parakar now offers PEO services and employer of record services in France and Spain. In both countries, the labour law and employment situation is a tough one to understand. For companies that are too busy doing the business of their own, it’s a hassle to expand into France or Spain. Parakar can now offer the solution. We’re ready to take care of your people abroad!

Parakar’s services in France include:

In France, our experts are ready to help you out with a wide spectrum of services. These services will make it easier for you to expand your business to France and to make your employees start working as soon as possible! Think about services like:

  • Employer of Record services
  • HR and payrolling  
  • Taxations
  • Health insurance for employees
  • Registration and declaration to the French agencies
  • Management of travel- and other expenses
  • Employment law advice

Why choose Parakar for France or Spain?

Parakar owns an entity in Paris and Barcelona and is registered as an employer at local authorities. We act up as your employer of record to employ and payroll your employees in France or Spain while working in compliance with local labor leasing laws. While we handle your administrative burden with accuracy and compliance, you’re able to focus on managing your company!

Parakar’s services in Spain:

Want to expand your business to Spain? From now on Parakar takes care of you and your employees. With our services, we’re able to manage all aspects of human resources management. That means no worrying about legal affairs and administrative burden anymore! The following services are provided by us in Spain

  • Work permits
  • Employer of record services
  • Payroll management
  • Legal and accounting affairs
  • HR and payrolling services
  • Taxations
  • Registration and declaration to the Spanish agencies
  • Management of travel- and other expenses
  • Employment law advice 

Parakar stands for personal advice.

Because our local HR experts are native speakers, we’re always ready to give you the personal assistance you need with issues that come along the way. Are you looking for a trusted employment partner in France, Spain or any of the other countries we serve? We’re ready to help you out! Get in contact with our HR experts by filling out the contact form below! 

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