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✓ Local PEO services in Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain
✓ All HR matters outsourced to specialists
✓ No administrative burden, we take care
PEO partner Parakar

Need a local PEO partner?

As a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) you want to offer your client the best possible service in the country of choice. You’re taking care of international employment services such as HR outsourcing processes and payrolling. But what if you’re not fully informed into the European market and your client wants to expand their business here? Parakar is your source of knowledge and aims to be the best possible local partner of PEO services in Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain.

PEO partner Parakar

What PEO services do we provide?

Every country has its own legislations, labour laws and cultural manners. Since we’re fully focused on just these countries, we know them like the back of our hand.

PEO services in Germany? We get work permits on fast track. Implementing employees in The Netherlands? We’ll fix this with a 100% compliancy. 

At Parakar, we are familiar with all possible forms of implementing outsourced employment. We strive to implement the solution to your requirement in full compliance with local law.

That’s why we’re happy to be your partner for PEO services with our full support. So that you’ll know for sure your client’s employees work in the right way.

Why partner up with Parakar?

  1. Compliant payroll 
    We both know what it takes to be an excellent employer of record for your client. You have to be a specialist in local laws to compliantly manage the payroll and HR. We’re registered with the right authorities to outsource your clients employees 100% compliant.
  2. Save time and money
    Legislations and regulation for payroll, taxation and HR is different in each country and every company. Save your professional employer organization time and let Parakar deliver you the best service. We’re here to partner up.
  3. Personal service
    Parakar is your local guide for PEO services in The Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, France and Spain. We’re situated with experts in these countries, so we’re physically always there to help you out with the right knowledge.

Learn more about the countries we serve.

With our PEO services we focus on the countries we know best. Want to know more about the services we provide for each country? Check out the pages below. 

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