Our Services.

No more adminstrative burden for you. That’s our goal.

Global expansion services.

Are you looking to start your business in one of the countries we cover, by finding or sending your staff there yourself? But do you not want to be bothered with all the local administrative employment- and payroll-requirements? 

Global mobility services.

Do you have or prefer your own entity or payroll setup, but do you still need advice or support in managing that? Particularly on the HR-, Payroll-, immigration- or accounting-side?

Opt-In contractor services.

Are you a (non-EU national) specialist in your domain and do you regard yourself more or less as ‘self- employed’ / ‘freelancer’ / ‘contractor’.
But do you or your client require you to have a local work permit- and/or umbrella-payroll solution in place, before you can start providing your services your client?

Work permits

Do you require a permission to work for yourself or for your employee in the country of choice?

Payroll services.

You want your employees to be compliantly payrolled and paid according to local law. All while respecting your corporate remuneration standards?

Employment solutions.

You want to outsource the employment of your staff abroad to a 3rd party, but also keep them working under your management and supervision?

But can you?

Value added services.

Do you require more than just the ‘basics’ that our core service solutions provide? We can help you out with services as health insurance, relocation support, mobility, financials,  tax and legal advice and communications, to mention a few. 

You're Welcome, We're Parakar.

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