Our Global Services.

No administrative burden for you with our international services. That’s our goal.

Moving your business abroad?

Say you want to expand your business in an all-new country, but you don’t have any time to immerse yourself in work laws and local labor? You can count on Parakar to take on the administrative burden of all global services that come with it. While you focus on managing your business, we take care your employees can start working internationally.

Global expansion services

Looking to start your business in one of the countries we serve? Got the employees lined up to go work overseas? With our global services we take all local administrative employment- and payroll requirements off your plate.

Global mobility services.

You’ve got your international payroll covered, but you’re in need of good advice? Parakar would be happy to support you in managing your business abroad. With our international services we’re specialized in the side of human resources, payroll, immigration and accounting.

Global contractor services.

Are you going to work abroad as a contractor? Since it’s already a big hassle for you to find your way around in a new environment, Parakar offers you an umbrella solution. From work permits to payroll solutions, we’ll take care of you. So you’ll have the time to focus on what you do best: your job.

Work permits.

You want your employees to work abroad with the right work permits or work visas. Parakar will provide work permits on a fast track for you or your (clients) employees in the country of choice.

Payroll services.

Parakar is happy to take the payroll services out of your hands. We coordinate your entire global payroll operations, while you can focus on managing your business. Our global services reach out to your country of choice, at your corporate remuneration standards.

Global employment solutions.

Do you want to outsource your employees abroad, but you want to keep them working under your management and supervision? Parakar is familiar with implementing employment outsourcing.

Value added services.

There’s more to working abroad then work permits and payroll solutions. If you need help with international services like health insurance, relocation support, financials, taxes or legal advice, Parakar covers all global services.

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