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Parakar employer of record

Parakar provides employer of record services.

As an Employer of Record (EOR), Parakar takes responsibility for all formal employment tasks and liabilities in the designated country. As a result, we take good care of your employees. Say you or your client is expanding business overseas. You want to hire local employees, but how do you manage that from far away? How will you know for sure you’re taking into account with the right local legislation and regulations? That’s where the employer of record steps in.

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What is an employer of record?

There are many ways to call it: local employer, local partner, employer of record services. It all comes down to a third-party local entity that acts as an intermediary between employer and employee.

Parakar, as an EOR, will take care of labour legislation and local regulations on immigration, employment, and payroll. Legally your staff is employed by Parakar, but you are still in charge of work hours and projects for your employees. 

No worries about payroll and HR.

The EOR is the registered employer, but you will still have the supervision and management of your own team. Just not having to deal with payroll and HR will save you hours and a lot of worries. With our employer of record services we’re here to help you out with the payroll process and labour laws in countries you don’t know.

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Parakar takes care of:

As an employer of record, Parakar takes care of all administrative tasks of your staff. Our employer of record services mean we’ll help you out with:

Why choose Parakar as your EOR?


We believe it’s important to know everything about the market we are providing our employer of record services for. Parakar strives to be your local partner. Whenever you need help, we’re there.

That’s why we focus on providing employment of record services for a selected group of countries: Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and France. With an office in the city centers of each country, we’re always here to provide you the best and fastest service according the law.

Can we help you with employer of record services?

Are you a professional employment organization looking for employment services for your client’s company? Or are you starting your own business overseas? The arrangement of an EOR is ideal for a long-term employment solution. As a result, you don’t have to worry about HR-processes anymore. Parakar is specialized in employer of record services in The Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Spain and France.

With years of experience in these countries, Parakar is specialized in providing the best possible employer of record. Got any questions? Fill out the form below or give us a call for more information about our employer of record services. 

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