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Parakar is now member of the World Employment Confederation!

“Join the World Employment Confederation: Parakar Takes a Step Forward for Outsourced Employment”

Exciting news for Parakar and the outsourced employment industry! We are proud to announce that our company has joined as a member of the World Employment Confederation (WEC). The World Employment Confederation is the voice of the private employment services industry at the global level, representing national federations as well as workforce solutions companies from across the world.

As a member of the WEC, we will have the opportunity to collaborate with other industry leaders and represent the global employment services (EOR/PEO) industry. The WEC serves as a representative for the industry to local and regional governments, policy makers, and academics, and works towards improving opportunities for outsourced employment.

We look forward to contributing to their mission and sharing our voice on behalf of EOR/PEO companies to enable improved opportunities for outsourced employment. We believe that by sharing our knowledge and experience with other members, we can help advance the industry and make outsourced employment a more accessible option for businesses of all sizes in all countries.

We look forward to sharing our voice and making a positive impact on the industry, and we are excited for the opportunities that lie ahead. 

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As a member of the World Employment Confederation, our company is committed to providing the best possible solutions for outsourced employment. We are proud to be your local employment guide in Europe and we are here to help you start your global expansion! We take care of all legal aspects so you can focus on growing your business.

Let us guide you through the process and help you achieve your goals. Our experienced team is here to answer any questions and provide the support you need to succeed.

Contact our legal experts in IrelandThe NetherlandsGermanyBelgiumFranceUK, ItalyPoland, Portugal, and Spain to learn more about the best way for your global expansion.

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