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Our partners.

With Parakar, the extra mile goes a long way.

Trusted partnerships.

At Parakar, we are proud to be the preferred local partner for outsourced HR implementation for quite a number of globally focused service providers. We cherish our often long-lasting relationships with these large and small global partners. They all have their individual vision, business strategy and philosophy. Some offer global PEO/EOR solutions to the world. Some are ‘value adding’ global recruiters. Some focus on other aspects of global expansion. Some do all of that.

But in the end: if it is for Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and/or Spain, they have chosen to partner with Parakar for the in-country implementation of the employment relationships that they help their clients establish. Several of these partners even trust us with the employment of their own internal staff!

What our partners say.


“It is a privilege and honor to work with you and your wonderful, professional and dedicated teams.”
“You are the best ICP, second to none!”
“Thank you for all the support, advice and work done recently. It’s a pleasure to work with you and I hope our collaboration will continue fruitfully as it has been in the past.”

Independent partners.

We are proud of our independence and integrity. This allows us to help all of our front-end partners equally, even though they often are each other’s competitors.

So, when you are searching for a trusted local PEO partner in one or more of our own ‘home’ countries, we are happy to help you directly. But are you looking for an organisation that supports your strategy in more than just Parakar’s limited range of countries, please let us introduce you below to our valuable partners that can offer you these services worldwide.

The way they help you achieve your global employment goals may be very different, and they each may focus on global employment from another angle, giving you a very different client experience. But just like they trust us to on the in-county-side, we trust them on their side of the partnership!

PEO partnership

Is your organisation active on the human talent side of Global Expansion,  or are you a PEO/EOR organisation yourself, and are you looking for a reliable and independent in-country service partner in Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France or Spain? Please get in touch, and allow us to explain to you too how Parakar can be your compliant and consistent partner of choice

Become our partner!

Let us explain why Parakar is your partner of choice. FIll in our contact form and we’ll be in touch! 

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