The expert speaking: HR Netherlands

We’d like to give Parakar a face and therefore we’re introducing our HR experts one by one. This time we give the floor to Y Nhu!

Name: Y Nhu Tran

Job: Senior HR Associate Netherlands

Country: the Netherlands

At Parakar since: November 2019

Experience in HR: 12 years 

Speaks: Fluent in Dutch, English and Vietnamese

How would you describe your work when you’re at a party?

I would describe it as very international. I’m learning so much about different kinds of cultures. The work itself is very diverse. I’m advising our international clients and employees on HR related matters such as contracts and Dutch labour law, mainly when we’re onboarding new staff. But also, during the employments for example about salaries and bonuses and when contracts are terminated. The workload differs from day to day and I’m surrounded by a nice group of young colleagues.

What kind of questions do you get on a day to day basis?

Many of the questions are about estimations, changes in Dutch labour law and since about 60% of our employees are non-Dutch, we get a lot of inquiries on immigration.

What do you like so much about your work at Parakar?

I really like to have personal contact with the employees. Especially when I meet them in person at an expat centre. Guiding them in the complete process of immigration, helping them in what they need such as insurances etc. I really feel appreciated!

What do outsiders often don’t know about the Global Employment market?

Employees don’t know the Dutch labour law. For example, many of them don’t know that it’s mandatory to have a health insurance from day 1 that you live or work in the Netherlands. Small things that are normal to us are difficult to understand for non-Dutch people. There is often a language barrier. Many governmental websites are not available in English. This market also requires us to use professional terms in order to explain typically Dutch processes to foreign companies. They must ‘think Dutch’ to understand the way employment works in the Netherlands.

What makes Parakar unique in the offered services?

We offer customized solutions for every case that we handle. We’re very services-oriented, and we see every employee as an individual. Every contract on our payroll represents a unique case, not one of them is the same.

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How do you help someone when Parakar doesn’t have a standard solution?

Parakar is willing to help to a far extent. We like to work out cases that we haven’t done before, to learn from it and to be of service to a client or employee. But from the start of such a process, I’m trying to be clear on the timeline and the estimated costs. Especially when we must consult third parties such as a lawyer or tax advisor to solve a case. I help them by managing their expectations.

What’s unique in the Dutch employment market?

As a Dutch employee, you’ll pay quite a lot of taxes. However, non-Dutch employees often qualify for a 30% tax benefit. This attracts a lot of highly skilled migrants to the Netherlands.
Basically, everybody in the Netherlands speaks English which is very pleasant for non-Dutch employees that are moving here with their families.

What has changed in the employment market in the past 5 years?

The GDPR (privacy law) has changed a lot in the way of working. Sharing employee data has become more complex. You must be a lot more thoughtful in sharing employee data with a client or a third party.

Remote working and flexible working are a trend now and will become more and more the standard. We have partners of which their employees in Europe never see each other but only work from home office. Almost all our employees on the Dutch payroll are working from home or remotely for a foreign company.

How do you keep developing yourself in this field of expertise?

I’m currently focusing on payroll because I already have a lot of experience in HR and I still have a lot to learn in activities and procedures regarding immigrations.


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