The expert speaking: HR Ireland and Germany

To give Parakar a face, we’re introducing our HR experts one by one. This time we’ll give the floor to Patrick Grogan, HR Associate in Ireland and Germany.

Name: Patrick Grogan

Job: HR & Payroll Associate 

Country: Ireland and Germany

At Parakar since: August 2019

Experience in HR: 3 years 

Speaks: Fluent in English, Irish, German and Spanish 

What is your position at Parakar?

I am working in HR Operations at Parakar Ireland and Germany.

What is your core task at Parakar?

It’s hard to name just one, but I would say: keeping our partners, clients and employees happy.

How would you describe your work when you’re at a party?

Although most people stop listening after I say “HR outsourcing”, I go into some details about what it is exactly we do: “At my job, we provide smaller companies/clients, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to, the possibility of hiring employees in Germany and Ireland. So, we are from a legal perspective the official employer of these employees, who we then deploy to our clients.

What do you do on a typical day at Parakar?

Cost estimations for potential new clients, create employment documents (contracts, amendments), control business expenses, payroll, and many more ad hoc emails.

What makes you enjoy your job?

Working and being in contact with so many different people on a daily basis.

What do outsiders often don’t know about the Global Employment market?

How big it is! There are endless amounts of companies and employment opportunities out there – go get them!

What makes Parakar unique in the offered services?

Our diligence and attention to detail – even to the minor ones – with a personal touch.

How do you help someone when Parakar doesn’t have a standard solution?

There is always a solution, but not always a straight-forward one. Sometimes we need to be creative in our approach to ensure we deliver a compliant and consistent service.

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