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To give Parakar a face, we’re introducing our experts one by one. And a multinational organisation is lost without a decent finance department. Read more!

Name: Pleun Opperman

Job: Finance

Country: All

At Parakar since: August 2017

Experience in Finance: 3 years

Speaks: Fluent in Dutch and English, a little German and French

How would you describe your work when you’re at a party?

I usually share my vision on how we facilitate businesses and employees to work anywhere in the world, because the concept and principles of payrolling are too boring. I get a lot of great feedback because I believe everybody dreams of working (and expanding their business) abroad.

What are your core tasks at Parakar? 

Managing all aspects of finance. That means providing input for the daily accounting, debtors and creditors management, managing payments and investments, monitoring and implementing our financial IT, and helping our core HR teams where they need it.

There’s only one thing that is the same every day and that is importing all bank statements. But apart from that, every day is different. 

Sometimes I’m working with a helicopter view thinking along about investments or managerial topics and some tasks require me to work on a microlevel. Fortunately, there is a certain cycle of reoccurring tasks on a monthly basis, that at least gives our planning some structure.

What do you like so much about your work at Parakar?

That it’s a really modern type of facilitating employment. I get the chance to develop myself in a lot of different areas in all the different countries where we are active. Finance is not just a layer in the company, we’re working closely together with all teams. Apart from that, we are working with a great team of fun people and we’re in close contact with suppliers, partners, and clients. 

We sometimes get really weird requests from clients. And the weirder thing is, we’re not instantly saying no to these requests but we take them seriously and will investigate whether we can facilitate or not. Of course within the boundaries of what is legally allowed but we really think outside the box. Every case is different.

What has changed over the past few years? 

Due to the corona crisis we have noticed that businesses are hesitant to invest in staff and looking for more flexible ways to hire employees. They’re now more and more finding out that businesses like ours exist. We offer this flexibility and take away the risk and because of that we are continuously growing. There is also a huge shift in remote working, employees are not stuck to working in the region where they live anymore.

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What make Parakar unique as a place to work?

Parakar has been doing really well in the past few years and we’re adapting ourselves to the size of the company we have grown to be. I really feel that we have the right people in the right places, everybody is flexible and has a growth mindset. Even though our teams are spread across Europe, I still feel very closely connected to everybody. And another huge benefit is that we travel a couple of times per year, which gives me a lot of energy and inspiration.

How do you keep developing yourself in this field of expertise?

I’m currently studying business economics and within the company, I’m trying to learn as much as possible about all the different departments. I notice I have picked up a lot of knowledge by sharing our offices with colleagues from different departments.


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