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How Parakar became one of the fastest growing companies in Europe

Parakar Group has received the FD Gazelle 2021 Award for being one of the fastest growing companies. A prestigious entrepreneur’s prize…

Tax declaration Netherlands
Tax declaration in the Netherlands, what and how?

In the Netherlands, completing your tax declaration (belastingaangifte) can be done as from the 1st of March. You can do…

Payslip in the Netherlands: How does it work?

Reading a Dutch payslip (loonstrook) for the first time? You probably wonder why Dutch people have to use such complicated…

Payslip in Germany: How does it work?

Trying to read a German payslip (or as they say in Germany: a Gehaltsabrechnung) for the first time? The cryptic calculation methods and bureaucratic German jargon can make it…

The 30% ruling in the Netherlands, how does it work?

Foreign employees that are hired to work in the Netherlands often have to deal with a lot of additional costs.…

remote working law spain
Remote working in Spain covered by law

The Spanish government, unions, and business associations have accepted a new law to come into place for remote working. Until…

parakar blog work permit france
Work permit in France: 4 things you should know

Hiring an employee to work in France? Non-EU highly skilled migrants are required to get a work permit (Authorisation de…

Sozialversicherung Deutschland Germany
How does the Social Security System work in Germany?

Germany knows quite an extensive social security system. Both employers and employees in Germany are obliged to make compulsory contributions…

Wet arbeidsmarkt in balans (WAB): payroll pension

This year, Dutch labour law got a significant overhaul in terms of new rules on probation, termination, severance and other…

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