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birth leave
Additional birth leave in the Netherlands as per 1 July 2020

The Dutch government considers equal treatment of men and women on the labour market important. In 2019, the Cabinet expanded…

HR ireland and germany
The expert speaking: HR Ireland and Germany

To give Parakar a face, we’re introducing our HR experts one by one. This time we’ll give the floor to…

French payslip
Payslip in France: How does it work?

Understanding a payslip in France is not easy. You can get confused with all the detailed information and explaining such…

The expert speaking: HR Netherlands

We’d like to give Parakar a face and therefore we’re introducing our HR experts one by one. This time we give…

French payslip
Payslip in Spain: How does it work?

The payslip in Spain is known to be one of the most complex payslips in Europe. Are you a foreign…

blog france spain
Parakar now offers employment services in France and Spain!

We can say it out loud, Parakar is now fully active in employment services in France and Spain! We have…

discrimination blog
Discrimination in the workplace: advice and approach

Equal treatment on the work floor is a highly important topic within the Dutch labour market. It is even laid…

Employer of record or entity
Expanding your business abroad: Using an Employer of Record or setting up your own entity?

You’re thinking of expanding your business internationally because you see a great opportunity in a foreign country, but where to…

tax declaration
Tax declaration in the Netherlands, what and how?

In the Netherlands, completing your tax declaration (belastingaangifte) can be done online as from the 1st of March. But how?…

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