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Parakar EU provides umbrella-contracting, employment and payroll services, supporting companies and individuals from inside and outside the EU, wishing to work or provide their professional services inside the EU.


The fulfilment of the complex requirements of an immigration process can be time-consuming and complex. Our experience and knowledge ensures a compliant immigration strategy, tailored to the individual employee.


To ensure a compliant payroll process that is secure, on time and compliant to tax regulations we provide you with an expert network and plan according to your companies demands.


As employment-host we employ expatriate or local staff for companies for short or long term projects or while setting up a new entity.

Map of Europe

Austria – Belgium – Cyprus – Czech Republic – Denmark – Finland – France – Germany – Hungary – Luxembourg – Netherlands – Norway – Poland – Portugal – Slovenia – Spain – Sweden – UK


Parakar provides Employee & Contractor mobility solutions into and across Europe!

All in compliance with the target country’s legal, tax and social requirements, but optimized to YOUR requirements.

We can not only support your requirements from our own organisation with 5 specialized subsidiaries in Ireland, Netherlands and Germany. And with the help of an extensive partner network that covers most other EU countries, we are able to also be your one-stop shop for the whole of Europe…

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In each of the countries we cover, Parakar will be fully compliant with that countries legal requirements.

This includes accreditation by specific ministries for employment hosting, voluntary associations in  the concerning business and professional network of service suppliers such as lawyer, tax advisers and insurances.


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