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Payroll services in France.

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Your employer of record in France.​

Parakar owns a French entity and is registered as an employer with the French authorities. Moving your business to France? You don’t have to put up a French entity. We can act up as an employer of record, a third-party company that has legal responsibility for your employees. We manage your employment all according to local laws and legislations. Parakar offers the best possible PEO services in France.

Why do you need payroll services in France?

Expanding your business to France? Arranging all the administrative requirements can be quite complicated. How do you pay your employees with full compliance? What are the regulations concerning health insurance and social security? And how do you set up payslips? Parakar offers payroll services and is ready to take care of everything. Are you thinking abroad? We act abroad!  

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Payroll services in France include:

  • Payroll in France:
    Payroll services in France include salary payments, setting up employment contracts, creating payslips and calculations.
  • Taxation:
    Think about social security contributions, health insurance, and income taxes.

Full-service payroll by Parakar.

 With our payroll services, we take care of your employees in France. This means we will manage all aspects of payroll. Think about paying employees, making up contracts and take benefits, social security and withholdings into account. With our services, you don’t have to worry anymore about the administrative burden or a non-compliant payroll in France.

Taxations in France.

Are you running a business, or do you have employees working for you in France? Then you are required to be a tax resident. Depending on the business structure of your company, there are specific rules for taxation in France. You must comply with tax laws, like income taxes, social security, health insurance and withholding taxes. Parakar is specialized in French taxations and can fully support you.

Why choose Parakar for payroll in France?

  1. Native French experts
    Our experts for payroll services in France are native French speakers. Next to that our office is located in France. This offers a big advantage in dealing with payroll cases. Parakar is ready to be your local partner, which means you can always rely on personal assistance. With Parakar, the extra mile goes a long way. We’re happy to help you out with new demands.
  2. Save time to focus on your business
    While we handle your administrative burden with accuracy and compliance, you’re able to focus on managing your company in France.
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