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What we do

Parakar is your source of knowledge and your local partner in PEO services in France.

Native experts

We have a team of native French speaking HR-Experts

HR Solutions

We have Payroll and HR-Solutions in France

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We provide you with a solution to your specific question

Need a PEO in France?


Parakar’s PEO-services in France enable you and your customers to easily expand your business to France. The complexity of French law makes it difficult to hire and maintain staff without any knowledge of the market. No time and money to immerse yourself in the French labour laws? Parakar is happy to help companies and Professional Employment Organizations out. We will help you set up and thereafter manage your client’s employees abroad.

Your local PEO partner in France.


Parakar provides PEO-services in France to help you, and the companies you serve, with payroll and HR management. Our services enable your client to set up and run a business in France, without having to deal with the HR hassles. Think about setting up employment contracts, work permits, compliance management, taxes, and payroll.

We Provide


Our team consists of native speaking HR-experts


Fast- track services for visa & work permits.


We do Payroll Management


We provide ad-hoc support on compliance requirements, such as: Provision, Termination and Expenses.

Parakar is your employer of record in France.


As an Employer of Record, we have a French entity. This means we’re a third-party local entity that acts as an intermediary between employer and employee. Your clients are still in charge of work hours and projects for your employees, but legally the staff is employed by Parakar. This means we take care of the HR management and payroll process.

Partnering up with Parakar means reducing the risk of non-compliance with payroll. With years of experience, we can deliver fast track service for work permits and visas. No waiting, no money wasted!


A true partnership.


At Parakar we go the extra mile. We love to think along with you. We know how it feels to start a business somewhere, not knowing about local laws and legislations. That’s why we want to be your local guide in an unknown country. We are experienced in partnering up with other PEO companies all over the world and strengthen each other. 

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