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We believe that global expansion is not just about crossing geographical borders. It’s also about understanding different cultures, laws, and regulations.

Quick onboarding

As an Employer of Record we can use our local entities to onboard your employee quickly.

Local specialisation

Our HR-experts are natives and specialise in their country of origin.

Personalized services

We offer tailor-made HR solutions for your international ambitions.

In-house Country-Specific Knowledge

We believe in the power of in-house country-specific knowledge. This enables us to provide quick and accurate responses to all your inquiries. Moreover, we strive for a personalised approach, allowing our HR experts to communicate with your clients’ employees in their native language. So, if you hire someone in Spain, our HR team will be able reach out to the employee in Spanish to help every step of the way.

20+ Years of Experience in EU-Specific EOR Services

With over 20 years of experience, Employer of Record (EOR) is our true specialty, focusing solely on organisations who want to expand to or across the European market. This ensures that we uphold the highest quality standards for our services.

Compliance & Transparency

Compliance is a top priority for us. We have all local licenses required. Transparency is highly valued, and we are committed to our partners in sharing information about costs, payroll, and other relevant aspects, ensuring that you are always informed and have full visibility into our process.

Beyond EOR: Employment Process Outsourcing

We go beyond Employer of Record by offering Employer Process Outsourcing (EPO) to provide even further support to you and your clients. With our EPO services, you can concentrate on your core business activities while we handle the setup of your foreign company. We ensure its compliance, activation, and readiness for employment.

Emphasizing Quality, Integrity, and High Service Level

Our focus lies in delivering exceptional quality, maintaining integrity, and providing a high service level. We strive to offer the best possible service, enabling you and your clients to work with us confidently.

All-inclusive Services for Comprehensive HR Support

In addition to EOR, we handle all aspects related to employment. Beyond what you can expect from any in-country partner, our wide range of services also include immigration support, free expense handling and support, and benefits administration, ensuring that all your HR needs are fully addressed.

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At our partner, we ensure that you can focus on your core activities while we take care of the complexities of employment on your behalf. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you!

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