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Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all

Tailoring HR and Payroll strategies

During our seminar at Going Global we discussed that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to HR and Payroll solutions. Here are some of the reasons that show the importance of a customized approach.

  • Companies operating in multiple countries could face complex international payroll and HR challenges
  • Small startups have different HR needs compared to large corporations
  • Labor laws and regulations could vary by country

It’s important to recognize that businesses are unique, and their HR and payroll needs evolve over time. A tailor-made approach ensures that solutions are aligned with the specific needs and goals of each organization.

Win an entity setup

At the Going Global event, we introduced a special opportunity for attendees – a chance to win an entity setup in one of our 10 countries! All you had to do was share your boarding pass with the preferred destination with one of our representatives.

The winner will be announced on December 7th.

We’d love for you to stay connected with us on LinkedIn, not just to see who wins, but also to keep in touch with the latest HR insights. Looking forward to staying connected!

* Have you forgotten to hand in your boarding pass? No worries, you can still do it online.

What we offer

With Parakar, the extra mile goes a long way

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Employer of Record

We handle the full HR-lifecycle of your employees, on your behalf, in our legal entities as legal employer.

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Payroll & HR full service

We handle the full Payroll & HR-lifecycle of your employees, in your legal entity.

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Payroll & HR on demand

We handle the regular monthly payroll and/or HR services on demand, in your legal entity.

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Entity set-up

We set up your footprint (NRP, Branch, Entity) for you as part of our Professional Services.

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Hire employees

Hiring employees in a designated country fast and compliant with Parakar as the Employer of Record.

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Visa & Work permits

We secure visa & work permits for your employees with Parakar's certified sponsorship status in Europe.


Entity setup & enablement services

Our services offer tailored solutions that cater precisely to your needs, ensuring a seamless and successful expansion. From non-resident payroll to establishing legal entities or considering shelf company options, we have the expertise and support to handle it all.

Hire employees in a foreign country

Employer of Record

Employer of Record services are a game-changer for businesses hiring employees abroad. It saves time and money, ensures compliance with labor laws, and helps build a strong global workforce with expert guidance. Leverage this solution for seamless international expansion.


Payroll & HR Full Service

Our comprehensive Payroll & HR full service ensures you receive top-notch payroll services coupled with an extensive HR package, providing you with a streamlined and efficient solution.


Payroll & HR on Demand

Our Payroll & HR on Demand service offers flexible options that cater to your unique requirements. With the ability to customize our monthly payroll service and on-demand HR assistance, you have full control over your HR processes while enjoying the expertise of our dedicated team.

Immigration services

Visa & Work Permit Services

Hiring global talent or sending your staff abroad? Let our seasoned immigration specialists navigate the immigration process, ensuring the correct paperwork is submitted promptly.

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