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Parakar’s fast-growing team currently consists of 40+ enthusiastic young professionals located in our offices in Dublin, Cologne, Breda, Paris and Barcelona.

Your ideal global partner.

The Parakar Group is an employment services organization offering a wide spectrum of global services in the domain of globally outsourced HR- and payroll management. Whether you need an employer of record service, umbrella work permit service, payroll service or professional employment outsourcing: Parakar is your ideal global partner. 

Management Team

Johan Opperman

Founder & CEO

Edwin Prijden

Int. HR Operations Manager


Esmee Konings

HR Business Partner

Bas Prins

Process Manager
Kayleigh Pluk Parakar

Kayleigh Pluk

Sianne Blikslager Parakar

Sianne Blikslager

Projects support

Daniëlle Kuijpers

Senior HR Operations Consultant
Julia van Hoof Parakar

Julia van Hoof

Office Assistant

Team Finance

Edith van der Veldt

Financial Controller

Misaq Faizi


Team IT

Nando Houthoff Parakar

Nando Houthoff

Project Manager IT
Laurens van Gelder Parakar

Laurens van Gelder

Project Manager IT

Team Sales & Marketing

Rico Walvoort Parakar

Rico Walvoort

Sales & Marketing Trainee

Aaron den Ouden

Sales Consultant
Rob J. Snepvangers Parakar

Rob J. Snepvangers

Senior International Marketeer

Lotte de Wit

International Marketeer

Team Ireland

Rebecca Clifford Parakar

Rebecca Clifford

HR Operations

Catriona Sullivan

HR Operations
Daniela Romano Parakar

Daniela Romano

HR Operations

Margaux Fauconnier

HR Operations

Team Netherlands

Semira Xandra Kuiten

Semira Xandra Kuiten

HR medewerker

Martine Verzendaal

HR Operations

Manouk de Bruijn

HR Operations

Eva Walboomers

HR Operations

Veerle Holterhues

HR Operations

Team Germany

Diana Rott

HR Operations
Amanda Anderson Parakar

Amanda Anderson

HR Operations

Pedro Silva

HR Operations

Shane Gray

HR Operations

Sophie Thibaudeau

HR Operations

Team France

Marcel Makondo

HR Operations
Kamélia Amrouche Parakar

Kamélia Amrouche

HR Operations

Awa Dieye

HR Operations

Aline Galletyer

HR Operations

Binta Cissoko

HR Operations
Liana Nuksevica

Liana Nuksevica

HR Operations

Team Spain


Rocío García

HR Operations

Gonzalo Serra Bruno

HR Operations

Monica Preciado Alberch

HR Operations

Claudia Curotto

HR Operations

Parakar helps you grow your business abroad.

Once our clients established a successful business in the country of choice, we help them take the next step in their business expansion. That means we offer them global mobility services to set up and manage their own entities on their behalf.

PRK team photo

Our team.

Parakar’s fast-growing team currently consists of approximately 40+ enthusiastic young professionals located in our offices in Dublin, Cologne, Breda, Paris and Barcelona.

Our specialists on human resources and payroll, finance, sales and marketing together guarantee a dose of knowledge and expertise in their fields of business. Under the guidance of Johan, Parakar forms a great team for our business now and for growth in the future!

“In nowadays’ global economy, there is a huge and growing need for organizations to avail themselves of talent around the globe, regardless of geographic or legal boundaries. For the talent itself, being able to be globally mobile and to work for any employer from anywhere around the globe, is key.

At Parakar, we aim to be the preferred in-country facilitator of such associations, allowing those organizations ánd their talent to reliably, compliantly and efficiently be associated with each other, making those geographic and legal boundaries virtually disappear.”

Johan Opperman, Owner & Managing Director Parakar Group

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