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Employee recruitment in Spain with Parakar’s specialized HR expertise. We offer comprehensive support to ease your journey into the Spanish job market, providing a full range of services. Our team helps unravel the complexities of Spain’s employment laws, assists in creating compliant work contracts, and skillfully manages social security details.

Facing challenges like obtaining work permits in Spain, understanding the Spanish tax system, or navigating employee benefits in the country? Parakar is your trusted ally. We excel in ensuring adherence to Spanish employment regulations and refining payroll processes. Discover how Parakar can streamline your recruitment efforts in Spain, turning potential obstacles into stepping stones for success in this dynamic labour environment.

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Our experience in international business expansion goes beyond 20 years. This experience allows us to help you achieve your business expansion goals in a correct, efficient and compliant manner.

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Employee recruitment in Spain

Effective recruitment in Spain requires a deep knowledge of its extensive employment regulations, covering everything from fair hiring practices to obtaining required work permits. Prior to beginning the recruitment process, it is essential for companies to develop clear and fair employment contracts that comply with Spanish regulations on wages, termination rules, and other employment aspects.

Parakar stands as your guide through the complexities of the Spanish employment landscape. Our expertise in Spanish employment laws enables businesses to achieve complete legal compliance. Our services encompass precise contract drafting and rigorous adherence to legal norms, ensuring your recruitment process is accurately aligned from the start.

Post-recruitment in Spain

After successfully recruiting employees, businesses in Spain face unique post-hiring challenges. They must be well-versed in and comply with Spanish tax laws, manage social security contributions effectively, and keep abreast of the local employment market trends. Adhering to these aspects is vital for legally operating within Spain’s regulatory framework.

Parakar specializes in simplifying these complex post-recruitment tasks for businesses. We aid in establishing efficient payroll systems and offer guidance on employee benefits, aligning with Spanish employment laws. Our support enables businesses to navigate confidently through the challenging Spanish job market, turning complex regulations into opportunities for continued growth.

What to know

Hiring in Spain:
What to know



The primary currency for all financial transactions in Spain is the Euro (EUR).



Spanish is the predominant language.


Payroll frequency

In Spain, it is customary for employees to receive their salaries on a monthly basis.


Public holidays

Spain observes 14 public holidays annually, with additional regional holidays in autonomous communities.


Additional salary provisions

In Spain, a 14th-month salary is commonly provided, typically split into two extra payments in summer and at Christmas.


Holiday allowance

Additionally, holiday allowance is a standard practice and expected by employees.

Spanish employment facts

Minimum wage

As of 2023, Spain has a national minimum wage set by the government. This minimum wage is reviewed annually and serves as the minimum legal salary for full-time employees. The exact amount can vary based on economic factors and government policy decisions.

Work hours and overtime

The typical workweek in Spain is legally limited to 40 hours. Spanish labour law requires employers to pay for overtime work, with the rate of compensation for overtime hours typically higher than the regular hourly wage.

Vacation and public holidays

Employees in Spain are entitled to a minimum of 22 working days of paid vacation per year, in addition to the public holidays. The number of public holidays can vary depending on the region, as each autonomous community in Spain can set additional holidays.

Maternity and Paternity leave

Spain provides robust maternity and paternity leave policies. Maternity leave typically includes several weeks of paid leave, while paternity leave, which has been expanded in recent years, also provides substantial paid leave for fathers. These policies are part of Spain’s commitment to supporting work-life balance and family well-being.

Learn more about the Spanish labour conditions here:

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Parakar owns a Spanish entity and is registered as an employer with the Spanish authorities.


We act up as your Employer of Record to employ and payroll your employees in Spain.


We offer great management for customized employee benefits.

Navigating the Spanish workforce: Insights from Parakar

Mastering the nuances of Spain’s job market demands a deep understanding of the country’s specific employment laws and payroll complexities. Parakar stands out as a crucial ally in this environment, streamlining intricate processes and offering tailored guidance to international businesses.

Understanding Spanish employment regulations and contract essentials

To effectively integrate into Spain’s employment landscape, it’s essential to grasp its labour laws. This includes drafting contracts that comply with Spanish standards and knowing the correct procedures for terminating employment agreements. Ignorance of these regulations can result in legal issues, despite Spain’s appealing recruitment environment.

Streamlining administrative responsibilities

Managing Spain’s social security system, comprehending work permit requirements, and understanding the tax framework are key for lawful operations in Spain. Parakar plays an indispensable role in these aspects, assisting businesses in navigating Spanish work permits and tax obligations for employers.

Efficient workforce management

Effectively leading a team in Spain involves more than providing attractive benefits. It encompasses staying informed about local employment trends, ensuring accurate social security contributions, and maintaining precise payroll systems. Parakar simplifies these responsibilities, enabling companies to focus on their core objectives while ensuring their payroll practices adhere to the necessary standards.

In summary, thriving in Spain’s job market requires a thorough knowledge of local employment practices, from contract law to payroll and taxation. Parakar offers the vital support international employers need to fluidly navigate these elements, leveraging Spain’s dynamic job market.

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