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Hiring staff in Ireland is a simple with Parakar. We make stepping into Ireland’s job market smooth and simple. Our team helps you understand Irish job rules, make legal work contracts, and get through social security steps without a hitch, ensuring you start off on the right foot in Ireland’s bustling work scene.

No need to worry about the details of getting work permits in Ireland, the ins and outs of Irish taxes, or figuring out employee perks in Ireland. Parakar is your helping hand in making sure you follow employment rules and get your payroll right. See how we make every part of hiring easier, turning tricky tasks into chances for your business to grow in Ireland.

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Our experience in international business expansion goes beyond 20 years. This experience allows us to help you achieve your business expansion goals in a correct, efficient and compliant manner.

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Ireland’s employment framework

Steering through Ireland’s detailed employment framework requires a solid grasp of its comprehensive legal structures and formal job protocols. Right from the start, businesses face precise employment regulations that cover everything, from fair hiring practices to the critical steps for obtaining Irish work permits. This complexity before hiring includes putting together thorough contracts that reflect Ireland’s commitment to fairness at work, including clear salary details and following rules about ending employment in Ireland.

This is where Parakar’s expertise shines. As specialists in the complexities of Irish employment, they make the intimidating pre-hiring steps easier, leading businesses with exactness through legal requirements. Their all-inclusive service ensures that companies fully understand the subtleties of contract creation and are up to date on legal expectations, paving the way for legally sound employment practices.

The Irish job market

Beyond hiring, the organized Irish job market brings its own set of challenges, such as complying with the Irish tax system, managing social security payments, and keeping up with trends in the local job market. These important tasks, necessary for lawful operations, call for a systematic and informed method.

Parakar stands out in making these intricate demands into straightforward, strategic solutions for your business. Their services simplify the journey after hiring, from setting up lawful payroll systems with Irish payroll services to offering smart advice on employee perks, making sure companies match the high benchmarks of Irish employment laws. In short, Parakar’s knowledge is crucial for businesses looking to integrate smoothly and succeed within Ireland’s strictly regulated job sector, transforming regulatory hurdles into stories of business success.

Keep in mind

Hiring in Ireland:
What to know



Transactions are primarily in Euros (EUR), the standard for all financial dealings.



The business landscape navigates through two official languages – English and Irish. Although English is used more commonly.


Payroll frequency

Employees commonly receive their payments monthly, a consistent practice across industries.


Public holidays

In Ireland, businesses and employees observe 9 public holidays each year, known as “Bank Holidays”.


Additional salary provisions

Employees are entitled to holiday pay as part of their legal rights. While a 13th-month salary isn’t common practice here.

Irish employment facts

Minimum wage regulations:

Ireland has a national minimum wage that employers are required to pay their employees. The minimum wage for an experienced adult employee was set at €10.20 per hour. This rate can be subject to change, and there are also lower rates applicable for younger and less experienced workers.

Annual leave entitlements:

Full-time employees in Ireland are generally entitled to a minimum of four weeks of paid annual leave, though this can be more depending on the employer or if stipulated by employment agreements or sectoral employment orders.

Maternity and Paternity Leave:

Ireland provides maternity leave of up to 26 weeks, with the option of an additional 16 weeks of unpaid leave. Paternity leave entitlements were also introduced, allowing fathers (or the relevant parent in same-sex couples) to take two weeks of paternity leave.

Employer’s PRSI:

Employers in Ireland are required to contribute to the Social Insurance Fund through the Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) system. PRSI contributions are used to fund social welfare benefits and pensions. The rate of contribution varies depending on the employee’s earnings and the type of work they do. This is an important aspect of the payroll process and a key consideration for employers as it directly affects the cost of employment.

We go the extra mile

We offer comprehensive HR and payroll services that go beyond a local HR department. We aim to reduce the complexity of managing people abroad and ensure that your staff feel at home in Belgium. We do this by providing full compliance in all aspects of payroll and HR administration and are 100% familiar with local labour laws and employment regulations.

Learn more about the Irish labour conditions here:

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Parakar owns an Irish entity and is registered as an employer with the Irish authorities.


We act up as your employer of record to employ and payroll your employees in Ireland.


We offer great management for customized employee benefits.

Navigating the Irish workforce: A Parakar perspective

Successfully steering through the Irish employment landscape calls for a thorough understanding of many elements, from comprehending Irish employment regulations to effective management of Ireland’s payroll services. Parakar stand out as essential allies in this endeavor, easing complex processes and providing advice customized to the needs of international employers.

Adherence to Irish employment laws and contracts

Entering the Irish job market requires an in-depth knowledge of local employment rules. Crafting Irish work contracts that meet national guidelines and grasping the legalities of employee termination in Ireland demand careful attention. Without a knowledgeable approach, companies might face legal issues, which stands in stark contrast to the country’s advantageous hiring environment.

Navigating administrative complexities

Exploring the details of social security in Ireland, securing Irish work permits, and decoding the nuances of the Irish tax system are crucial for a compliant business operation. Services like Parakar’s play a pivotal role, offering assistance with administrative tasks, especially when it comes to comprehending various types of Irish work permits or handling tax obligations for employers in Ireland.

Optimizing employee management

Managing employees in Ireland goes beyond basic administration to include providing competitive employee benefits, keeping abreast of trends and statistics in the Irish job market, and ensuring accurate social security payments for Irish workers. Additionally, setting up payroll with Parakar simplifies this intricate task, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core functions while guaranteeing precise and lawful payroll procedures.

In summary, the complexities of hiring in Ireland require an extensive, nuanced understanding of the local employment scene. This includes the legal requirements of work contracts, strategic handling of the tax and social welfare systems, and the implementation of best practices in employee management. With expert guidance like Parakar, international employers are well-equipped not just to comprehend but to proficiently navigate the intricacies of recruiting and managing a workforce in Ireland, capitalizing on the opportunities the vibrant Irish job market presents.

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