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Hiring in France doesn’t have to be complicated. Parakar makes it easy with our tailored HR services. We help you make sense of French job laws, set up legal work contracts, and handle the social security details, all to make sure you start off on the right foot in the French job market.

If you’re trying to figure out how to get work permits in France, understand the French tax system, or arrange employee benefits, Parakar is here to help. We make the complex simple, ensuring you have everything you need to manage your team in France. Let us take the hassle out of hiring for you, so you can focus on growing your business in France.

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Understanding employment in France

Navigating the employment terrain in France requires a solid grasp of its comprehensive legal system and formal employment procedures. Companies stepping into this market face detailed employment legislation that dictates everything from non-discriminatory hiring to the precise requirements for French work permits. The process from the start includes creating contracts that meet France’s strong commitment to worker protection, including clear salary structures and strict adherence to French termination laws.

This is where Parakar’s expertise in French employment shines. They demystify the complex pre-hiring stage, steering companies toward legal conformity with finesse. Our all-encompassing approach ensures businesses are fully informed about the subtleties of contract development and legal obligations, paving the way for sound hiring practices.

The French labour market

Beyond hiring, the regimented nature of the French labour market poses continuous operational hurdles, such as following the French tax code, handling social security payments, and keeping up with local employment trends. These critical tasks, necessary for compliant business conduct, call for a systematic and informed strategy.

Parakar stands out in making these intricate matters straightforward, offering strategic guidance for businesses. Our services make the post-hiring process smoother, from setting up lawful payroll systems to offering advice on employee benefits, ensuring that companies meet the rigorous benchmarks of French employment legislation. In short, Parakar’s know-how is crucial for firms looking to seamlessly integrate and succeed within France’s strictly regulated workforce, converting regulatory challenges into triumphs of business operations.

Keep in mind

Hiring in France:
What to know



Transactions are primarily in Euros (EUR), the standard for all financial dealings.



French is the one and only official language.


Payroll frequency

Employees commonly receive their payments monthly, a consistent practice across industries.


Public holidays

France has 11 public holidays each year, affecting regular business activities and potentially requiring adjustments to work schedules or temporary closures.


Additional salary provisions

In France, the standard salary package does not automatically include a 13th-month salary.


Vacation pay

Vacation pay is standard, with employees typically receiving an increase in their salary during their vacation period, referred to as “congés payés.”

Employment facts

Probationary periods:

Employment contracts in France typically include a probationary period, which allows both the employer and employee to assess the suitability of the new hire for the job before committing to a long-term employment relationship.

Notice periods:

The notice period required for termination of an employment contract in France varies depending on the length of the employee’s service, with longer tenures requiring longer notice periods.

Non-compete clauses:

Non-compete clauses in France must be explicitly stated in the employment contract and are legally binding only if they are reasonable in duration, geographic scope, and the type of employment. They must also provide financial compensation to the employee for the duration of the restriction after employment ends.

Mandatory compensation:

Beyond regular salary, French labour laws mandate additional forms of compensation, such as paid vacation (congés payés) and family leave. While the 13th-month salary is not a legal requirement, it is commonly granted either by company policy or through collective bargaining agreements.

We go the extra mile

We offer comprehensive HR and payroll services that go beyond a local HR department. We aim to reduce the complexity of managing people abroad and ensure that your staff feel at home in France. We do this by providing full compliance in all aspects of payroll and HR administration and are 100% familiar with local labour laws and employment regulations.

Learn more about the French labour conditions here:

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Parakar owns a French entity and is registered as an employer with the French authorities.


We act up as your employer of record to employ and payroll your employees in French.


We offer great management for customized employee benefits.

Navigating the French workforce: Insights from Parakar

Mastering the French employment landscape requires an extensive understanding of various elements, from French employment laws to the nuances of managing payroll in France. Firms like Parakar stand out as essential allies in this process, easing complex procedures and providing bespoke advice for the needs of international employers.

Compliance with French employment laws and contracts

Entering the French job market demands in-depth knowledge of local employment regulations. Crafting work contracts that adhere to French standards and grasping the legal ramifications of employee terminations in France are critical for employers. Lacking an informed strategy could lead to legal hurdles, despite the country’s otherwise advantageous employment provisions.

Managing administrative intricacies

Understanding the details of social security in France, navigating the requirements for French work permits, and deciphering the French tax code are crucial for maintaining a law-abiding business operation. Parakar’s services are vital in this respect, aiding with administrative tasks, especially in comprehending the different categories of French work permits and addressing tax obligations for employers in France.

Enhancing workforce management

The remit of managing employees in France includes providing competitive benefits, aligning with French labour market trends and data, and ensuring proper social security contributions. Additionally, implementing payroll for French employees with Parakar simplifies this intricate process, enabling businesses to concentrate on their core activities while guaranteeing compliant and punctual payroll operations.

In summary, the intricacies of hiring in France call for a profound and diverse comprehension of the local employment environment. This involves understanding the legal requirements for work contracts, adeptly navigating through the tax and social security landscape, and adopting best practices in workforce management. With expert guidance from Parakar, international employers are well-prepared to not only grasp but effectively engage with the complexities of hiring and managing a workforce in France, leveraging the potential of its dynamic labour market.

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