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Parakar x Another ClimateTech Podcast

We take care of your European expansion!

At Parakar, we believe that global expansion is not just about crossing geographical borders but also about understanding different cultures, laws, and regulations.

That’s why we focus on providing compliant solutions to engage in working relationships that help bridge statutory and employment-legal contexts. By taking care of all the local regulations and compliance, we enable you to focus on what you do best: growing their business. With our local expertise we are able to serve you best.

Whether you’re a large multinational corporation looking to expand abroad, a small business looking for the right talent, or a contractor, we’ll sort it out. With Parakar as your partner, it was never easier to hire employees across borders and expand your business in the European market.



Are you thinking abroad? We act abroad.

What we do


Employer of record services

By using Employer of Record (EOR), you can hire talent without having to establish an entity because we will handle all legal necessities and paperwork on your behalf.


Payroll & HR full service

Enjoy our payroll services including a comprehensive HR package, taking care of all employee management needs.


Payroll & HR on demand

Enjoy our payroll services and/or a comprehensive HR on Demand package, taking care of all employee management needs.


Entity set-up

We set up your footprint (NRP, Branch, Entity) for you as part of our Professional Services.


Hire employees

Hiring employees in a designated country fast and compliant with Parakar as the Employer of Record.


Visa and Work Permits

We secure visa & work permits for your employees with Parakar’s certified sponsorship status in Europe.


About Another ClimateTech Podcast

The podcast, hosted by the insightful Ryan Grant Little, a climatetech founder, advisor, and investor, delves into the multifaceted approaches taken by pioneers in entrepreneurship, investment, academia, activism, art, and beyond.

Through in-depth interviews, listeners gain valuable insights into the diverse strategies employed by those dedicated to mitigating the impacts of climate change. Whether it’s exploring innovative technologies, discussing sustainable business practices, or highlighting the power of activism and artistic expression, this podcast serves as a beacon for anyone passionate about creating a more sustainable future.

Join Ryan and his guests on a journey that goes beyond traditional narratives, showcasing the interconnected and dynamic efforts driving positive change in the climatetech landscape.

Let us guide you

Ready to take your business to new heights? Don’t miss out on our comprehensive solutions for expanding abroad. Contact us today to discuss how Parakar can support your unique needs and help you thrive in international markets.

Let’s connect and unlock the full potential of your global expansion.

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