Corporate Immigration

Corporate Immigration

 working in the EU as a non-EU citizen

Although the framework and general conditions to obtain a visa or work permit in each EU country are usually clearly described, the execution often is not.

Parakar ensures a fast and carefree registration process that saves both the employer and the employee time and money.

  • EU BLUE CARD Application | EU WORK PERMIT Application

  • A1 CERTIFICATE of coverage

  • REGISTRATION in destination country

  • Correspondence with CONSULATE & FOREIGNER’S OFFICE

  • RECOGNITION of university diploma

You want to hire a non-EU national in the EU

Whilst EU nationals have the freedom to work in any EU country, a similar privilege for non-EU nationals depends on their profession and qualifications. A concrete job offer from your side is the first step. We help you get your new employee to work on-site anywhere in Europe, within the shortest possible timeframe.

Our umbrella offers an all-embracing set of services, from the initial contact with the consulate in the employee’s country of origin up to and including all necessary arrangements for him or her to settle in the EU comfortably. We cover all required aspects of hiring a new employee – on both sides: employer and employee. You decide what you need, we take care of the rest!


You are an independent contractor…

….and a potential client likes your CV.

An example of the surprising problematic of contractor work mobility is that potential clients or employers only consider your CV and capabilities if you already have a work or employment permit for the specific country. Knowing that in many cases a job offer or contract is in fact required to get a work permit in the first place, this poses an interesting Catch-22 situation.

If you use our services we will explain to an interested hiring party that we can typically get you on-site within three to four weeks. That usually helps. Apart from this, different countries offer different possibilities to obtain a pre-arranged work permit, putting you and your candidacy in the perfect position. 


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