Value added services.

Do you require more than just the ‘basics’ that our core service solutions provide?

In the context of all our services mentioned, Parakar will always also try to help you find ‘add-on’ solutions to many different problems and challenges you or your staff may face. Some of these add-on services we provide directly ourselves, but where needed we will liaise, on your behalf, with specialist partners or suppliers.

Health insurance

Parakar health insurance

Parakar grants (often discounted) access to its corporate health insurance plans, also for its clients and opt-in employees.

Relocation support

Parakar relocation support
Parakar school services

In our work permit related services packages, Parakar already includes support for the most important legal and financial aspects of the relocation of expats, such as municipal/immigration registrations, acquisition of tax and social security numbers, opening of bank accounts, etc.
All aimed to get the candidate ‘ready to start work and be paid’ in the shortest possible time.

In addition (and in cooperation with selected local partners) we can also provide access to services of the more ‘human logistic’ nature: physical relocation, home inventory shipping, house finding, settle down services, introduction to local facilities, international schools, etc.
The benefit here is that you will not have to start those via a separate service provider in your home country.


car orange

Do your in-country employees have jobs that require them to frequently travel by land? In such case we can advise on the best possible setup, but for example also facilitate short- or longterm lease- or rental cars. Or simply provide them with corporate public transport cards.


Parakar financial service

If your employees require, in combination with our expenses processing facilities, we can provide access to corporate credit card setups.

Tax- and legal advice

Parakar tax services

Consultation on the best implementation of remuneration plans. Support in expat tax return/refund processes, getting the most out of potential DTAA’s (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements) between countries.

Legal advice in case of complications between employer and employee.


Employees can opt-in with Parakar’s mobile phone plans, benefitting from better rates, bigger data- or international calling bundles, etc. That way, not being required to have or use their private plan for work.

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