Payroll services.

You want your employees to be compliantly payrolled and paid according to local law. All while respecting your corporate remuneration standards?

At Parakar we make a serious effort in mapping your company’s remuneration- and benefits programs, into what is legally and fiscally required and possible in the destination country. Or even to what is ‘common practice’ in that labour market. As that is what your employee will also expect.

This often requires that your remuneration- and benefits standards will have to be creatively ‘mapped’ onto the local countries’ regulations. In Netherlands for example, an annual gross salary instead of into 12 months, has to be calculated back into 12,96 portions, to cater for the statutory holiday pay. Where in Belgium, it even has to go into 13,96 months, to also implement a mandatory Christmas bonus.

In many cases, we may also advise you to replace certain elements of remuneration by alternatives that have a lesser legal complexity or tax burden, for yourself or employee.

Our payrolls are managed by specialists with a strong background of doing payroll in an international context. Supported by supportive chartered accountants at arms’ length, for those cases that require that level of knowledge.

A special area of attention here are your employee’s business- & travel-expenses. There probably is no area where governments have more different approaches to compliance that this one.
For this purpose Parakar avails all employees it takes care of of access to a state of the art, cloud- and smartphone-based expenses management platform, that is tailored to exactly those rules and regulations that are in play in their country. Where you can still be fully in control of what is and what is not reimbursed to your employees, whilst Parakar monitors the compliance of it all.

All our services in the end focus on one important goal: making sure that you can reward and reimburse your employees at the level you wish, without any tax-compliance risks for you or the employee.

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