Payroll outsourcing services.

Need a partner to coordinate your payroll operations abroad?
We take care of the global payroll outsourcing for your employees, while respecting your corporate remuneration standards.

Global payroll with a personal touch.

Parakar offers global payroll outsourcing services that will coordinate your (clients) entire payroll operations. It’s challenging to completely manage employees abroad. That’s why we take care of compliantly pay your employees, while you’re able to focus on managing your company abroad. All according to local laws and without any tax-compliance risks. We take over the process of paying your overseas employees, with all local regulations taking into account.

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Parakar thinks along in payroll.

Providing international payroll outsourcing services often requires some creativity. We think along to creatively map your remuneration- and benefits program onto the local countries’ regulations. We look into what’s legally and fiscally required and possible in the destination country. Or what’s ‘common practice’ in that labor market. In many cases, we may advise you to replace certain elements of remuneration by alternatives that have a lesser legal complexity or tax burden. For yourself or your employee.

Specialists in global payroll outsourcing.

Our international payroll services are managed by specialists with a strong background in doing global payroll. We’re supported by chartered accountants at arms’ length, for those cases that require a specific level of knowledge. We take care we’re always here to help you with the greatest expertise.

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Our management platform for payroll.

Parakar eases your process of employee’s expenses for business and travel. That’s why we avail a state of art expense management platform. There’s probably no area where governments have more different approaches to compliance than the employee’s expenses for business and travel. The platform is available for all employees via cloud- and smartphone. It’s tailored to the exact rules and regulations in the country of choice.  While you’re still in control of what’s reimbursed to your employees, Parakar monitors the compliance of your complete international payroll.

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