Global expansion services.

Are you looking to start your business in one of the countries we cover, by finding or sending your staff there yourself?


But do you not want to be bothered with all the local administrative employment- and payroll-requirements? In other words, do you need an Employer-Of-Record (EOR-) service to compliantly implement the relationships with the staff you recruit or send there? Then the Parakar Group will be your ideal partner.

Or are you in fact a Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO-)service provider or an international PEO (Professional Employer Organisation), that is looking for a compliant, high-quality implementation partner for your client’s employments? Then you may be interested to know that quite a number of the leading and fastest growing international EOR/PEO/GEO/Payroll service providers (probably even some of your competitors!), have already knowingly and willingly partnered with Parakar to implement their local business in ALL the countries we can serve them in.

Simply because they all want the best level of service for their clients and their employees. Upon request we even opened some of our countries setups by their request.

Why Parakar?

If you choose for Parakar, you can be assured of working with a fully licensed partner/supplier in your country of choice. One that will consistently provide you with a high level of service. A partner that will be creative where needed, but that will always focus on compliance.

So that both you and your (client’s) employee can comfortably work together, knowing that under Parakar’s umbrella you both have all their needs covered.

And even if later on you decide to start your own payroll or entity, Parakar will be there to support the process of getting you to that next level.

You're Welcome, We're Parakar.

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