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✓ Knowledge of local law
✓ Work permits and HR solutions
✓ Outsourcing people abroad
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We’re specialized in global employment solutions.

At Parakar we’re known with all possible options of global employment. We are your ideal implementation partner in The Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, France and Spain. We strive to outsource your clients employees overseas to your requirements in full compliance with the local law. You (as a client company or as a PEO) still instruct the work of the employees and your employees are still considered workers for your (clients) company. However, Parakar is responsible for the payroll, taxes and a variety of HR and compliance functions. Full focus on running your business abroad, while we take care of the compliancy hurdles in the countries we know best! 

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A global employment solution for every country.

The concept of global employment outsourcing is very different in the legal context of every country, particularly in Europe. Where in some countries there’s explicit legal recognition of the concept, it is downright forbidden in others. In other countries, it is recognized only in somewhat similar, but essentially different workforces and labor laws. With Parakar you can be sure of a compliant employment solution in the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Spain and France.

Where do you need global employment solutions?

We’re focussed on global employment for the countries we know best. Because we’re located in the business center, we’re always here to help you out right away. We’re your local guide. Want to know what we can do for you in The Netherlands, Germany and Ireland? Check out our services per country. You are ready to move! 

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